My name is Gemma-Rose. I am a 30 year old wife and mother living in Essex, England. I work as an event manager for a large training organisation which is more fun than it probably sounds. After school was over I completed a diploma in the Science of Beauty Therapy and then went on to work in the West End for Clarins, although I have been out of the spa for a while blogging has reconnected me to the industry. 

Myself and my lovely Friend Alex started up ZaGa Thinks, a blog and youTube channel, in June 2015 due to time restraints we have decided to part ways (although I am sure Alex will make cameo appearances here from time to time) Alex is still writing her original blog which she has had since she was at university and you can find her here: A For Alexandra

Why is your blog called Across This Page?

I would love to have a super exciting story for this one, however I don't. You may or possibly may not know if you are reading my about page that I have a rather large crush on Pete Doherty. Whilst pondering new blog names and listening to the latest glorious Libertine's album I came across this verse:
And you see I've brought you flowers
All collected from the Old Vic Stage
Well I've been sitting here for hours, baby
Just chasing these words
Across the page

So basically it mutated from that, and if you want to listen to the stunningly wonderful beautiful song itself I suggest you click here

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