Monday, 25 January 2016

Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop Review

This is probably a bit of a pointless post to write as I am sure that I am the very last person in the blogging community to pick this up and therefore far too late for you to be that interested in this review, you've already read 800 right? Oh well. 

I was desperate to get my hands on it when I first heard about how good the Champagne Pop highlighter was meant to be, however getting it sent over from the States put me off a lot. I had heard about people receiving them smashed and damaged so I didn't want to risk it. As soon as it was available via Beauty Cult I snapped it up. 

BECCA collaborated with Youtuber & makeup artist Jaclyn Hill for a limited edition shade of their best selling highlighting powder. Champagne pop is a soft white gold shade with peach undertones, I personally feel it would complement all skin tones. It certainly has the wow factor. 
My one tip would be to use this sparingly as it is very easy to get carried away and cover your whole face in it's sparkly goodness, perhaps not a look that is appropriate anywhere but within the walls of The Sugar Hut. 

What are your opinions on Champagne Pop? Have you tried it? Is it over the top? 
Let me know 


  1. I haven't tried it but I really want to. Peach undertones, ugh just gimme gimme gimme.

    1. Ahh I know!! It is definitely a must try - just so pretty!! :) X

  2. I've never actually tried this! Now I want to! x

    1. I will bring it with me on Thursday so you can swatch it :) XX


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