Sunday, 29 November 2015

ASOS Party Picks

Its the most wonderful time of the year! 

It's the time you can wear so much sequins and glitter that you give yourself a headache and there is nothing anyone can do about it, if someone so much as rolls an eye at your sparkles BAH HUMBUG what a bloody grinch! 

So I for one definitely intend on taking full advantage of this festive time and let my inner magpie go batshit crazy! I have spent a far bit of time trawling through the pages of ASOS to bring to you what I think is the best glitzy party options, and aren't we lucky that for just £10 a year ASOS provides next day delivery such a bargain! 


Friday, 27 November 2015

Zara Leopard Print Boots

If you happen to have read my Christmas wish list post you will know that I am not a patient person!

I have mentioned (probably quite a few times) that my number one style icon is Amy of, she always looks so pulled together with minimal effort and maximum WOW and there is where I first decided I needed leopard print boots. 

Usually I wouldn't be one for a kitten heel, a friend of mine's little sister once told me that kitten heels made her feel sick and I vowed never to touch them again. However what is good enough for Amy is good enough for me. I actually think the heel on these boots keeps them looking grown up and sophisticated, with any animal print you run the risk of looking a bit, well, tacky.... and no one wants that! 

I recently visited the Forest restaurant with Alex and paired these boots with a Motel navy pinafore dress and no joke I was stopped four times in the street by people wanting to know where I got my shoes, I just love it when that happens. 

These little beauts will set you back £69.99 which isn't the cheapest, but they are real leather and will never go out of style. So if you are in the market for some like these I would totally recommend checking them out. They are bound to be gracing these pages A LOT. 


Monday, 23 November 2015

Dinner @ Forest on the Roof

On Friday night I had dinner in a restaurant which can only be described as a santa's grotto for adults. At the very top of Selfridges is this years seasonal pop up restaurant and bar, Forest on the Roof. After making our way to the top of Selfridges we was told we needed to go back down to fragrance to take the express lift up to the restaurant, so maybe take note if you are planning a visit. 

When the lift doors opened we were transported to most magically festive setting. Everyone was smiling, staff and customers, it's difficult not to with that many fairy lights around. 

Jumper & Boots: Zara Pinafore Dress: Motel Shirt: ASOS

It wasn't at all chilly in the restaurant itself however they had you covered just in case, on the back of each chair was a snuggly blanket for you to take advantage of. 

Black Forest, Spicy Cane & Forest Tonic Cocktails

Dry ages burger & Russet apple slaw

Roast Banham chicken, truffle green beans & New Forest mushrooms

Baked game meatballs & winter vegetable orzo

Gingerbread Choctai

Both the food and drinks were delicious, there isn't a great deal of choice on the menu but this is quite common of popup's. Along with our mains we ordered two lots of sides, truffle chips and sweet potato tartiflette which were both to die for. I would definitely recommend this restaurant, it would be the perfect first date setting. The service was very attentive and friendly which makes all the difference. 

Thank You Forest on the Roof for having us! 


Thursday, 19 November 2015

Handbag Heaven

I am not someone who needs more handbags, but really I feel like when it comes to hand bags the word need shouldn't even be mentioned. Ok we all obviously need handbags to carry our stuff about but picking a handbag is like picking a partner they need to be dependable but you also need to have that passion, you need to want them... right? 

So this week I have been lucky enough to browse through the LYDC Autumn/Winter 2015 collection. LYDC is a brand with something to temp every woman on the planet, they have such a wide variety of styles I dare you not to find a piece you love.

My Autumn/Winter 2015 Wish List

1. Metallic Clutch - The perfect christmas party bag, the black detailing along the top caught my eye against the contrasting silver. Definitely a go with everything kind of clutch. 

2. Embellished Cross Body Bag - The detailing on this bag is stunning, from the embellishment on the front to the quilted texture and the chain strap. I can imagine pairing this bag with a simple jeans and top outfit and it really bringing the whole thing together. 

3. Leopard Cross Body Bag - I love the print on this bag, when you are feeling a little bit feisty animal print really is the only print you need. 

4. Colour Contrast Cross Body Bag - The first thing I thought of when I spotted this bag was how the shape of it reminds me of the Chloe Drew bag. The monochrome colours are perfect for the Autumn/Winter Season and the gold detailing really gives this bag that something extra. 

5. Winter Floral Grab Bag - I adore the winter floral print on this bag, it is very sophisticated. The navy colour makes it very versatile and easy to pair with all styles of outfit from shopping to dinner and a show. 

6. Snakeskin Cross Body Bag - Snakeskin is definitely my texture of the moment, I love how it adds to the beautiful nude colour of this bag. If I was to style this I would leave it long on my shoulder with a black dress and a fur coat, perfect for the winter months. 

7. Tartan Chain Shopper - The tartan gives this black shopper an extra edge, perfect to express your own style while rocking that office ensemble. 

8. Lazer Cut Shoulder Bag - Even though the pastel shade may seem more suitable for spring (this bag comes in other colours by the way) I feel like this is such an all year round bag. The Lazer cut outs make this one unique. 

9. Faux Fur Shoulder Bag - What is winter without faux fur? The deep purple is also perfect for the festive months as it goes with everything!! 

So what is on your Autumn/Winter wishlist? 

The Autumn/Winter collection will go live on the LYDC website from MONDAY so make sure to check them out, enter GEMMA10 at checkout for a 10% discount... you are welcome!!! 


Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Two Faced Liquified Long Wear Lipstick

Last week I ordered a gorgeous blue pinafore dress from Motel (more on that later) when it arrived I was surprised to find a sample enclosed of the Two Faced Liquid Lipstick in the shade Melted Peony. It was a funny coincidence as I had earlier that day been telling my friend Katie that I had never used a liquid lipstick - Thank You makeup God's! 

I am seriously impressed with this product it feels extremely hydrating on the lips and currently my lips are feeling a bit in need of extra help due to the weather. The stay power is amazing too which is one of the main things I look for with a lip product. The colour I received was melted peony which is a bright creamy pink colour, I can see myself wearing this a lot in the spring months. 

If like Ralph you want to get your hands on a melted lipstick you can do so here


Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Faking it

It is fair to say that I agree with my mum when she says I am too old for a nose piercing, and honestly even being a human with seven tattoos and a 6mm stretched earlobe the thought of an actual piercing is not a happy one. However, Jess from Made in Chelsea has been rocking the old septum ring just lately and I feel like I want the option without the pain. This is where ASOS comes in (seriously do I shop anywhere else) 

These little clips totally do the job, and had a few of you fooled over on my Instagram (sorry about that hehe) £12 for three isn't bad and you get silver, gold and rose gold, so you are covered. I have worn them throughout the day and can report back that they are very comfy and I soon forgot I even had it in to be honest. 

What do you think? Would you fake it or are you an all or nothing kinda gal? 


Sunday, 8 November 2015

The type of shoes you make plans for

Now and again a pair of shoes come into your life that you want to make plans for, which is exactly what happened when I stumbled across these beauties on the new in section of ASOS.

They are certainly no average autumn heels, blue snakeskin with a pom pom on top just like the cherry on top of a cake! I am loving the pointed toe at the moment and the triangle shaped block heel looks a bit different as well as providing a comfortable height. 

How would you style these wonders? 

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

I'm A Virgin

Or at least I was until Sunday night. 

Sunday night I dropped my first EVER Lush bath bomb, and I think I made a bloody good choice. 
The Experimenter basically turned my bath water into a rainbow, what more could you want right? The scent is both vivid and relaxing, I'm not sure how that is possible but Lush made it happen.  As well as making the bath look basically epic the bath bomb leaves your skin feeling soft, and looking great with a very subtle hint of glitter. Although I never want to take a normal bath again I'm not sure I can justify £3.95 every time so I will reserve my new found love of bath bombs for special treats. 

I am not ashamed to say that I was completely bowled over by the Christmas collection, although for me the Five Gold Rings was a clear winner. Firstly £4.95 for five I think is a totally reasonable price, the sales assistant even assured me I would get two baths out of one, Bargain alert! The gold shimmer just screamed out Christmas party to me, or just party in general, I have actually made plans for a night out just to have an excuse to try this out. 

It is fair to say I get it, Lush does add that little something extra to bath time and I think anyone would be pleased to receive any of the products as a Christmas gift. 

If you have a favourite that you think is a must try please leave me a comment below! 

Monday, 2 November 2015

I Love Autumn

No honestly, I know every blog you read right now is probably saying the same but I actually mean it...I love autumn. A chance to feel cosy all the time, the different coloured leaves on the ground, the build up to Christmas whats not to love. 

While we are talking about things I love, Brandy Melville. Alex introduced me to Brandy Melville a couple of weeks ago and ever since I haven't been able to walk down Carnaby Street without picking something up. They have the best quality T-shirts that are so hard to resist. If you haven't been in there before I forewarn you that 'one size fits all' which is probably not that true but it seems to fit me. 

You might recognise this bag, that is if you read my Christmas wishing post last week and you will also now know that I am not a patient person. In my defence there was ONE left in the Zara in lakeside and basically a necessity as it fitted my blogging camera in without any struggle. 

So mesh socks are apparently a thing, I picked up these ones that you can see peeping out the top of my boots last week from ASOS I love them by the way, and then last night my friend Xanthe uploaded a Primark haul video and she had picked some up from there, probably for less money than my ASOS ones. What do you think of these mesh socks? I sort of dig the way it looks. 

If you happen to have watched a few of my youtube videos, especially the makeup ones, you may have noticed that I am a huge advocate of the Top Shop lipsticks. Last week whilst binge watching Autumn essentials videos I stumbled across Sarah LouLou's channel and she recommended boardroom a Top Shop shade I hadn't seen and perfect for the season, I just had to have it. I have been wearing it ever since.

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