Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Do you believe in fairies?

On bank holiday Monday we spent the day with the fairies at Nevendon Manor. 

I wasn't sure what I was walking into and it is fair to say this place was an instagrammer's dream come true, I was completely in my element.... and Lylie loved it too! 

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

How to take 'Instagrammable' photos of Toddlers

Instagram is my favourite social platform (even with the stupid algorithm) I love seeing how people express themselves through images. I would say I am quite a visual person even though I am not very artistic, Instagram is available for everyone to be creative in their own little way. 
I've always struggled with being in the photos for my blog, difficult when you are writing lifestyle piece I know, so when my daughter was born and I made the easy transition into parenting blogger I finally had my subject. Although I am in some of the photos, mostly I am behind the camera snapping away, which is my preferred location. 


Friday, 6 April 2018

Lylie's best toddler tantrums

With my daughter at 18 months old I thought I had a little while until the terrible twos started in my house, but apparently not. It seems that as soon as they can walk they start the whole 'strop flop' to the floor. This behavior is an expression of frustration, they are unable to use their words to explain to you what the problem is and you are unable to reason with them. 


Friday, 16 March 2018

Toys my one year old actually plays with!!

Toys are everywhere in my house, it's like a sea of coloured plastic wherever I turn. If you happen to watch my Instagram stories you will know this is not an exaggeration. But what toys does my one year old actually play with? In a recent post I talked about the toy rotation realisation and I still stand by this concept, however there are definitely some toys my little girl enjoys lots more than others. 
Tea Set, Toy Kitchen


Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Tips to sooth or prevent nappy rash

I didn't realise the sheer quantity of drama's teething would bring. You hear whispers about it being hard work, but for me and the majority of my mum friends it has been a nightmare. Runny nose? Teeth. Cough? Teeth. Won't sleep? Teeth. Won't eat? Teeth. But so far the worst thing for us to come from the dreaded teething is extra poop's and a VERY sore bum!


Thursday, 1 February 2018

Themed Days at Marsh Farm - Unicorn Day

January is such a miserable month we decided to book in a treat day of fun to beat the gloom. Typically as our magical unicorn day came around the heavens opened and tried to rain on our parade. We decided to wrap up warm and make the best out of the day as our tickets were non refundable. Having a 15 month old who isn't yet steady on her feet outside in the pouring rain does raise one or two challenges however luckily Marsh Farm does have both indoor and outdoor activities available, and the older kids were loving channeling their inner Peppa and jumping in all of the muddy puddles. (side note not everyone loves jumping in puddles Peppa, you liar!) 


Friday, 19 January 2018

The toy rotation realisation - you need to do this!!

In the back of your mind you sort of realise that a baby is bound to take over your house a bit, but in reality it ends up being more that you could imagine, at least that's how it is in our house. At this stage Lylie doesn't have a set playroom, this may change when she reaches an age where she is likely to have independent play. However at the moment our whole house is her play room. 
It drives my husband up the wall, it actually bothers him a whole lot more than it bothers me (I am so used to being in the middle of a pile of brightly coloured toys at this stage) He is always asking me when we can 'get rid' of this or that, she doesn't play with half of it anyway. Although I have purchased the majority of Lylie's toys from charity shops and therefore have no emotional attachment to them it is still difficult for me to give them up. What if she decides to play with them later?


Friday, 12 January 2018

Survival Tips - Getting through a wedding with a baby

I don't know about you but now Christmas is well and truly over I am about ready for spring. Today I saw daffodils in the shops and it made me so happy... soon the shelves will be full of egg shape chocolate (my favourite type) The thought of impending warmer weather coincided with a bunch of save the date cards hitting my door mat, that's right wedding season is on the way. Lylie is only just one and she has already attended THREE weddings, so I thought I would share my survival tips for making it through the wedding day with a baby in tow.


Friday, 5 January 2018

Going into 2018 Confidently

Last year was consumed by my newly found motherhood, remembering back to this time last year I was a bit of a mess - mentally and physically. I have learnt so much in the last 365 days about babies and my daughter.. and surprisingly also about myself. Looking back over the past year I can barely recognise myself as the mother I am now. I was terrified to leave the house with this new human I was suddenly in charge of, what if she did a poo? what if she made a noise? Now I feel quite confident in my role, even if I made decisions that I know would receive eye rolls on the mama forums. I own my mistakes. These day's I could even pass as a normal functional human being.


Friday, 15 December 2017

My thoughts on the Christmas Craze

This year it's Fingerlings, a little interactive monkey that comfortably wraps around your finger and blows you kisses. Last year, hatchimals. When I was a kid it was Furby's that the mama's were lining up outside Hamley's hoping to grab. Every year there is a certain colour that is the most desirable, I remember it was the pure white Furby we all wanted and this year of course it is the unicorn Fingerling. 

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