Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Mudder Maker

After 4 months of 'training', worrying and sleepless nights I have finally completed Tough Mudder. I ran, swam and as the title eludes to, was head to toe in mud.

Saying that, however, the day was 11 and a half miles of uncontrollable laughter and absolute team work from start to finish. There's no way I could have completed it without my muddy team pushing me over walls, pulling me out from tunnels and encouraging me when the obstacles were far from easy.

Luckily for us the day was sunny, warm and dry. Doing it in the rain would have pushed me over the edge and I would have been a sodden whiny mess for the entire 4 hours. When we arrived they were playing loud music which got everyone in the mood - although it was slightly worrying when we all complained we were already shattered after the team warm up. It didn't bode well.

There were a couple of obstacles I didn't complete. Arctic Enema being the first. Sliding down into ice cold water before ducking under tyres half submerged. Erm no thank you, I had already vetod this before I arrived. Everest only lured one of my team members while the rest of us watched on in admiration! You had to run up a curved wall which was over 15ft high before pulling yourself over the rounded ledge at the top. After wading through mud up to my neck and crawling through the 'tear gas' tunnel aptly named Cry Baby I saw this as near impossible. 

I completed the rest of the obstacles and I'm impressed with how much I managed to do. Being a wimp, I thought I'd dodge a lot more than I did. People really do help you throughout the course, if you couldn't get out of the mud someone was there with a helping hand to drag you out. This spurred me on throughout.

Looking back on the weekend now (whilst I'm warm, dry and not totally worn out) it was a day to be proud of and I would even, maybe, consider doing it again! It's impressive what you can do when you have encouragement, camaraderie and the thought of a cold cider and coveted orange headband at the finishing line.

*Photographs coming soon*

Outfit Post - Start Of Autumn Style

Last weekend Alex and I spent the day getting lost in London town. This time of year it is difficult to decide what level of warmth you will need, the answer to this is layers and that means an excuse to finally wear this Primark poncho.  

I am a woman of little colour, so this monochrome shirt from ASOS called out to me.... loudly! "Buy me Gemma, Buy me!!"

My Olivia Burton watch always gets so many compliments, even though the strap shade is so perfect for spring I like adding the pastel colour into my autumn looks for a touch of colour. 

How will you be layering this transitional season? 


Thursday, 24 September 2015

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

A Meander Through Kensington

Autumn is my favourite time of year. It's chilly enough to layer up and there are still the occasional sunny warm afternoons perfect for wondering around parts of London you are yet to discover. 

I decided to go for a navy/ black/ maroon combo for our day in London. All of the tones I associate with this time of year. Plus I wanted to wear this hat with my new navy blue roll neck so it had to work!

Hat - H&M
Jumper - New Look @ ASOS
Jeans - Topshop
Bag - Zara
Boots - Similar Here
I usually stick to a cute little bobble hat when the weather deteriorates but this hat had been hanging on the back of my door just waiting to be worn. Luckily for me the weather was beautiful so it didn't get ruined in any potential downpours. We stumbled across this crescent in Kensington and it was the perfect location for some quick snaps before I embarrassed myself in front of anyone.

The new love of my life, my mini maroon crossover bag from Zara obviously came along too. I thought it would be handy on keeping my days out light but it is actually a Mary Poppins bag so naturally I made use of the room and took extras I didn't need with me.

I found these little heeled gems in Topshop three years ago and I still reach for them on days when I want to feel a little dressier and also for going 'out out'. They aren't too high, although five hours worth of shopping in and any heel, no matter how small, starts to niggle.

What is your go to outfit for a day of shopping?

Alex x

P.s. Thank you to Gemma for these lovely shots!

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Not a Hotel Chantelle

After an afternoon wandering around London our feet were on fire and it was about time to fill our bellies, so good job we were on our way to Hotel Chantelle. We decided to visit on Victoria from in the frow's recommendation, her taste in fashion is so on the money you just know her restaurant choices will be something special.

We couldn't wait to dig in but first Cocktails. Mykonos Joe a delicious rum cocktail made up of dark and light rum, pineapple jam, lime and habanero syrup.

I sort of talked Alex into ordering the Libertine cocktail as it shared a name with my favourite band but contained cucumber which I hate.

We decided to share all of the food so we could try more, plus sharing is caring don't you know...
First we was brought a 'complimentary' bread board.

If you like out of the ordinary you must try the chicken waffle bites.

Was is worth £15 absolutely not, but I think its an intriguing dish which must be tried once.

For main we opted for the Drunken Chicken and chips, far too big for one person this was the perfect size to share.

We were planning on desert however we were only allowed the table for an allocated amount of time and the service was so slow we ran out of time. Over all it was a pleasant experience, would I rush to dine there again? Nope. Would I take a seat on the terrace and sip on Mykono Joe's? Absolutely.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Monday, 14 September 2015

Wonderfully Warm

Wonderfully Warm
Autumn is definitely my favourite season. It comes with a few drawbacks like the short days - getting home from work at 6:30pm in the dark isn't ideal and the UK's severe lack of coping with snow but I love nothing better than a sunny, fresh weekend so I can wear a big wooly jumper, snug socks, cosy boots and my Ray Ban Wayfarers.

I feel like the last few months of the year means I can look put together when in reality I'm normally wearing my favourite pair of jeans and one of my millions of aran jumpers which will finally come out of hiding.

For me, the above collection of Autumn goodies is my ideal ensemble for those nippier climates. I absolutely love the high neck jumper from New Look (which is winging its way to me right now, thank you online shopping) and I think it looks far more expensive than the £19.99 price tag. I massively bought into the roll neck trend at the beginning of this year and I'm so pleased it's stuck around for another cold season.

Ripped jeans weren't part of my wardrobe until quite recently so I am still clinging onto the style hoping they will transition me into winter. My black jeans always get more air time from September to January as I think they look smarter when I'm wearing a casual knit on top.

I have been eyeing this Whistles Verity Backpack up for months now and although it will probably stay in my fictitious wardrobe rather than me being able to wear it proudly on my shoulders, I still would like a black leather backpack of some description. I have been wanting one all summer and never got round to it so maybe I'll find a perfect Verity dupe soon.

I already own some tan desert boots very similar to this which I wore at the end of last year and also this summer with a denim dress. They're not everyone's cup of tea but they're comfortable, practical and come in so many different colours - If you can't decide on one colour it's ok to buy numerous pairs, right?

To double up on warmth and add a splash of colour you can never go wrong with a check scarf. The warm burgundy and navy work well with the dark grey jumper and also the light boots, tying it all together perfectly. I would wear my large black felt fedora with this outfit but I can never say no to another bobble hat and in my defense I don't currently have one in this particular shade of nude. Finally, the ear cuff is a touch of glam and a nice clash to the off duty look. I'm not a particularly glitzy person so I think I would feel more comfortable wearing this when paired with a more relaxed combo.

As much as I'll be sad to say goodbye to 'summer' I'm giddy with excitement at the thought of not having to bare my pale pins for a while...

Love, Alex x


Thursday, 10 September 2015

A really clever title about boots

As soon as the temperature dropped there was only one thing on my mind... my autumn closet. Shopping for winter clothes is so much more enjoyable that shopping for summer clothes, for me anyway. I lust over big baggy jumpers and living in jeans every day is a dream come true but the most exciting thing of all is the footwear. 

A good pair of boots is as important as a good bra, or a good friend. They should be comfortable, multi functional and stylish and to my delight ASOS provided me with the perfect pair for the cooler months. 

As part of the ASOS RUN WAY collection these pointed chelsea boots are the perfect accompaniment to any winter outfit. With a small 2 inch heel you feel the height without the burning sensation making them appropriate to wear all day and all night long. 

The pointed toe adds a level of sophistication whereas the pony hair style material adds a bit of fun. I have had them in my hands a little over a fortnight and they have already become my go to choice. Keep your eyes peeled on our Instagram, they will be sure to be featured in many OOTD's to come. 

I hope you like them as much as I do :) 
Gemma xx 


Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Monday, 7 September 2015

Coffee at Coast

I am a huge fan of coffee, not only on a Monday morning when it's vital but also leisurely at the weekend when I have time to accompany it with a tasty breakfast and Friends repeats on Comedy Central.

My home town, like most high streets, is full to the brim with chains such as Starbucks, Costa and Cafe Nero so it's always refreshing to see a new cafe open with great potential and better coffee on offer than their big sibling alternatives. 

Coast is a seaside themed coffee house tucked away behind the busy high street of Southend-on-Sea. Unless it has been recommended to you I'm not sure how you would know it is there. Luckily for me my brother stumbled across it and said I should pop in. Located in an old shipping yard it has high ceilings and has almost been designed to feel like someone's modern conservatory with comfortable chairs and French doors leading out onto the decking. 

They have a vast selection of cakes to offer and their chorizo, cheese and honeyed ham panini is a winner for me. I even tried to recreate this at home but was left craving Coast's own creation. On this occasion however, a croissant was enough for me. The food is simple but great and they don't pretend to be bigger than they are which makes it such a welcoming place to come for a quick snack or brunch with friends.

I really hope it gets enough attention and stays open. Such a sweet little place and a bit of a treasure trove with its inconspicuous location.

Alex xx


Thursday, 3 September 2015

The Salthouse Harbour Hotel - Review

This bank holiday we packed up the car and headed out of Essex to spend a night on the Ipswich harbour. A friend had reccomended The Salthouse Harbour Hotel as a dog friendly boutique hotel. After parking the car we had time before check in to explore the surrounding area while indulging in a LARGE hazelnut latte we stumbled across Holywells Park. These picturesque grounds are well worth the visit we are already planning to drive back the next time the sun is shining to carry on exploring. After a long walk we was a bit peckish so headed back to the harbour and grabbed a seat in Isaacs for the biggest bacon and brie panini you have ever seen, whilst we started so slip into the early stages of a food coma the first couple of chords of the Bucket by Kings of Leon started to play and to our delight a tribute band carried on for the next hour, incredible luck. 

We was pleasantly surprised when checking into our room, thankfully I am a fan of orange and our room was very very very orange. This stand alone bath has started off a new obsession I need one of these in my house.... but first I need a house big enough, one day! 

After all three of us had a little nap, it was time to get glammed up ready for dinner. Unfortunately this was when we discovered that the hotel is not so much dog friendly as dog tolerant. When booking our table for dinner I had advised the reception manager that of course our dog would be with us and was advised everything would be fine however in reality this was a different story. We ended up with two options eat our dinner in our room on the bed, as our room had no table - not ideal. Or eat our dinner in the hotel lobby on our laps as there was no dinner appropriate table their either - again not ideal, but we opted for the second option anyway. 

After the most uncomfortable meal of my life the only thing to make me feel better about this experience was an amoretto sour, actually really yummy. We was joined by another couple of couples also from Essex visiting for the night who had both been left feeling underwhelmed by the hotel, however after a couple more drinks and some putting the world to rights we found ourselves howling with laughter having a wonderful time. 

All that was left to do was to climb into that massive bath!! 

If you have stayed in a dog friendly hotel, which actually likes dogs please comment below :) 


Wednesday, 2 September 2015

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