Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Starting our YouTube channel

There was something myself and Alex were up to which the other knew nothing about, only in the privacy of our own homes and when no one was around…… yes obviously we was dreaming about creating our own YouTube videos and getting our voices heard. One day we was brave and confided in each other about this vision that we had to make our mark on the internet and decided to collaborate and start our very own channel. 

That was the easy bit. 

After watching over a thousand tutorial videos and reading blog post after blog post explaining how to make and edit YouTube videos it is safe to say I have a new found respect for everyone who is creating videos and posting them online. 

Today I have finally after two days of editing uploaded our very first video onto YouTube, it is The TMI Tag which we decided would be a good start to get us comfortable talking on camera and having fun with the whole thing. It has taken me in total 12 hours to successfully upload the finished product (which you can take a look at by clicking right here) me and my macbook were about to seriously not be friends and then it finally was successful, how people are uploading daily I just do not know. 

We created this first video with an iPhone 5S, iMovie and the help of picmonkey so as you can imagine the style is very home made, but we are learning and hopefully with each upload we will be more and more proud of the videos we are making and continue to have FUN which after all is the main thing! 

I welcome any tips you can share about making videos, which camera should I invest in? is iMovie good enough for this type of editing? How do people create their amazing intro sequences? Please share your knowledge with me! 

Peace Out 
Gemma  x 

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