Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Winter Wonderland & Elf the Musical

Every year I take it upon myself to organise a Christmas doo for my closest girlie pals. I am such an event planner I really enjoy organising everything and trying to pick a better event each year, competing with myself. 

The girls thought I was crazy when back in February I started discussing the 2015 Christmas doo, but when we saw how quickly the tickets to Elf the musical sold out everyone was pleased that I am super organised. 

First we headed over to Meat Liquor to fill our bellies up, if you haven't been you must. It's a secret little burger bar behind Debenhams on Oxford Street, the windows are blacked out and it looks very much closed. Inside is a joyous occasion I recommend the Fried Pickles and House Grogg as a must. 

After eating ALL the food we popped along the road to Winter Wonderland, there was the most amazing atmosphere there this year. Everyone was singing and dancing and full of Christmas Spirit, we didn't really want to leave. 

The piece de resistance was ELF the musical, it was slightly different to the movie however a lot of the best lines were still included. Kimberly Walsh was very good although I personally wasn't too sure about her american accent. 

Any way lucky for you vlogged the day so if you want to see the day in all it's glory you can check it out for yourself :) 



  1. Replies
    1. Ahh Claudia, it was so festive and magical! I think you can still pick up tickets it's not running for long though xx

  2. Didn't know you vlogged!! I only got up to the part where you girls got to WW because of my crappy internet but will definitely try and watch the rest later! Love it so far :) esp loving the hats... I want one haha!

    Love Hannah xx


    1. Ahh thanks lovely, I started the youtube channel first but to be honest lately blogging is taking the lead!! Thanks for watching the vlog, if you managed to get back to watch the rest it is mainly dancing hahaha xx


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