Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Make Up of the Month - January

I've wanted to start a series for a while, but was struggling to come up with something that would be easily achievable each month. (I don't want to start something only for it finish two months later) 

Every month there seems to be one make up look that wins my affections, so it only seems right to name this series Make Up of the month. 

January's look still has autumnal undertones, with a plum lip and a hint of sparkle. (I am not quite ready to put the glitter down yet) If you haven't swatched Urban Decay's Space Cowboy please add this to your list of things to do next time you are shopping. I ended up taking far too many selfies and not one of them shows you just how pretty this eyeshadow truly is. 

Because of my hooded eyes there are two make up tricks which will probably become fairly repetitive in this series. The first is lining my upper lash line only a third of the way, therefore creating a widening effect and opening up my eyes. The second is using microtape as a guideline for blending the shadow slightly outside the eye area, I want the colour to show when my eyes are both open and closed. 

Full list of products used >>

Face >>
Bourjois Healthy Mix (Light Beige) Buy it
Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer (010 Ivory) Buy it
Mars Soft Velvet Loose Powder (Desert) Buy it
SmashBox Contour Stick Buy it
Topshop Blush Head Over Heels Buy it

Becca Champagne Pop Buy it
Urban Decay Space Cowboy Buy it
The Balm Allegro Buy it
The Balm Presto Buy it
Sleep Storm Palette Buy it
No7 Lash Impact Black Buy it
Topshop Kohl Liner Black Buy it

Lips >>
Rimmel Exaggerate Eastend Snob Buy it
Topshop Inhibition Buy it

Have you used any of these products?
If you would be interested in a youtube tutorial on this look please let me know :) 


  1. Love the look; you look gorgeous (as always)! Super excited for this new series :) I used to use the Rimmel match perfection concealer, but recently found a new love with Seventeen's concealer!

    Love Hannah xx


  2. Oh my gosh you're gorgeous, you remind me of Leelee Sobieski! I still have yet to try Bourjois Foundation, I've heard so many great things about it! Love the lipstick color as well! xo

    McKenzie | therosynook.com

    1. Thanks McKenzie what a sweet thing to say! The Bourjois foundation is well worth the tenner, especially for everyday when you don't want to be using your Nars or Mac :) XX

  3. Love the look Gemma! You have gorgeous skin.
    Looking forward to keeping up with your new series.

    How have you found the smash box contour stick? Is it greasy feeling?

    Chloe x

    1. Thanks Chloe, I did wait for a good skin day I have to confess! I like the contour stick the only issue is that the highlight one out of the three is basically my skin tone so doesn't do much in the way of actually highlighting. I wouldn't say they are greasy but they do glid really effortlessly onto the skin :)XX

  4. Lovely make-up look, you look stunning! Your eyelids look like a work of art! I love East end snob too, I've recently just brought it and I'm never going back!! x


    1. Haha 'your eyelids look like a work of art' thats the best thing I have ever heard!! You are the best! X

  5. You're sooo pretty ahh. Your eye makeup is on point and that lipstick colour is really nice. It's great to see a look that's not over the top and you can wear this for day to day wear, so many people do 'make up of the day/month' and it'll be so crazy that I can't believe that they wear it all time time, especially when the products they use are crazy expensive haha x

    Mollie Victoria Beauty | Blog

    1. Mollie you are far too kind! Yes I always want to do things people would actually wear out not just to events! Thanks lovely XX

  6. I love that sparkle! Very subtle but just enough to brighten up the look with some glam :-)

    Liyana | Rouge & Ruche

    1. The glitter is so fine that it is incredibly sparkly as you move your eyes but in an understated way! Not sure if that makes sense, you must swatch it!! X


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