Thursday, 3 March 2016

The Lee Stafford Bloggers Event

Last week I was lucky enough to be invited to a very exciting blogger event, made even more special as it was in my home county of Essex.

The Lee Stafford Hair & Beauty Salon and Spa opened in 2012 training the younger generation to provide exceptional hair and beauty services. It is an outstanding training facility that Lee felt the industry was desperate need of. 

We arrived to a very warm welcome and the most exquisite looking canapes. A few of the students were kind enough to give us a tour around the building, which is deceptively huge I might add. I felt completely nostalgic wandering around the stunning facilities, I was transported back to beauty school once again. The girls told us about their courses and what they are hoping to do once they qualify, so informative and sweet.

The man himself, Lee Stafford, very kindly gave a completely inspiring talk to myself and the other bloggers. By the end I think we were all ready to pack in our day jobs and enrol. He talked so passionately about teaching the trade, he mentioned not wanting to teach his students thousands of ways to make an omelette at Lee Stafford's they will teach you one Michelin Star standard omelette and then you can add different ingredients. I also very much enjoyed the fact that his team of trainers are called his 'staffs'.

We was then whisked away for our first treatment, mine was a back massage. My therapist Georgia picked up on my need to relax and decided to conduct a relaxing but uplifting massage. I always struggle to receive massages being a masseuse myself, I spend the entire time thinking about the massage techniques and second guessing what will come next. After the massage Georgia talked to me a little about her plans to study holistic therapy, which was so interesting.

Next was time for a hair style, my hair stylist was also called Georgia. Georgia had only enrolled in September, she shared with me what she had picked up so far and her plans for an internship at a local salon. Lets just say our agree'd hairstyle didn't exactly go to plan but I didn't stop laughing. Her personality was perfect for hairdressing, she made me feel relaxed and completely comfortable. By the end of the hour we was BFFs. I can definitely see her being an amazing hairdresser one day.

Emma, who planned the event did a fantastic job, It was so packed full of activities. I met some lovely Essex bloggers who I hope to see again soon and went home with a very generous goodie bag full of Redken and of course Lee Stafford products which I adore. My hair has never been so well cared for.

I can not wait to visit The Lee Stafford academy again soon.

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  1. this looks like such an amazing event! the food looks delicious too haha (priorities)

    xo Sarah

    1. Haha it really was, I was driving home thinking I wished I had taken a doggy bag hehe XX

  2. That little 'garden of colour' looks so cute and oh so insta worthy!! I also can't stop looking at those canapes...

    It must have been great to attend an event in your own 'ends'!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x

    1. It was a lot easier to get to! But I missed you X


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