Thursday, 31 March 2016

What should I wear to a wedding?

Wedding season is getting closer and if like me you are in the market for the perfect outfit there are a few tips you may want to take note of...

  1. DON'T WEAR WHITE - Ok lets just get this one out of the way nice and early. In my opinion it is never ok to wear white (or cream or ivory) as a wedding guest, I don't care if you are only going to the evening reception just don't do it. Even if you have just got back from holiday and have the perfect white dress to show off your tan give the white a miss, no guest should try to steal any of the bride's thunder this is her special day to wear white!
  2. DRESS FOR CHURCH - I realise that many weddings take place in registry offices or manor houses but I still feel like the dress for church rule is a good one to have. This goes back to not upstaging the bride. I was recently at a wedding where one of the guest's dresses left very little to the imagination, no one was discussing how gorgeous the bride looked as we was all too busy talking about how inappropriate this guest's outfit was - don't be that girl.
  3. DON'T TRY TO BE A BRIDESMAID - You wasn't chosen ok, get over it already! I always make it my mission to find out what colour the bridesmaids will be wearing so I can wear the opposite. It is very important not to look like a wannabe bridesmaid. Cringe.
  4. AVOID BLACK AND RED - Firstly you are not at a funeral, save the all black everything for another event. This is your chance to wear a bit of colour for a change, use it. As for red, there is an old saying 'get married in red, wish you were dead'  so even as a guest it is another colour I choose to avoid. Brides might not want red in their wedding photos.
  5. WEAR A HAT - Or at least a fascinator. I know these can be pretty pricey but it really does show you have gone to some effort for your friends special day. You can pick up fascinators in Claire's for less than £20 and you can always take them out for the evening party. If you really feel like they don't suit you try to invest in a sparkly slide or a flower in your hair, something to show the effort you have gone to.
  6. DON'T BE TOO CASUAL - You are not going to sit in a beer garden make sure you couldn't be mistaken for such.  Jeans are a definite no no, even if you are only coming along to the evening reception. If dresses really aren't your thing think about a jumpsuit or some culottes to show you have made a bit of an effort.
  7. BRING SOME FLATS - On my wedding day I put some sandals in the toilets so there was no excuse for everyone not to dance the night away, and I know lots of brides do the same. However if there is an opportunity to bring some flats along with you do, you don't want to be left seated in pain while everyone else is getting their groove on, and you don't want to be the bare footed one either - eww!
  8. DON'T BE UNCOMFORTABLE - If you are tugging at your straps or having to breath in before you leave the house take the time to change your outfit. Everyone knows weddings are a long day, you don't want to be spending it feeling self conscious of your rising hem line. It is of course important to look stylish but as a wedding guest comfort also is a major factor. 
Do you have any tips for wedding guest attire? Let me know! 


  1. Great tips Gemma! Never would of thought of some of these! Will keep it for future reference! x

    1. Thanks Beckie, I did wonder if this was a bit 'obvious' but it doesn't hurt to keep it in mind when picking your outfits X

  2. Thanks for the tips! I'm going to a Wedding soon and I'm having a totally outfit dilemma so this has helped loads! The bit about not being chosen for a Bridesmaid made me chuckle too haha! I love that you put flats in the toilets.. Amazing idea! :)

    Tania | teabee x

    1. Thanks Tania, Looking forward to seeing what you select (if you do an OOTD of course) XX

  3. Love these tips girl, perfect for the coming wedding season!
    Totally didn't think about not wearing red, I usually opt for pastels anyways hehe
    You look so beautiful in your wedding dress too, lovely xx

  4. Great tips Gemma and you look beautiful by the way!
    Love Hannah xx

  5. You look absolutely stunning! What a gorgeous dress! I love the Bridesmaid dresses too - the backs are so pretty! Great post - I don't even have any weddings anytime soon but great tips! I've never heard the red thing before.

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x

  6. I'm going to the evening part of a wedding this summer and it's so hard finding something to wear, thank you for the tips!
    The Lipstick, The Girl and Her Wardrobe


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