Sunday, 5 June 2016

The Hair Experts Root Touch-Up Review

If you have been following my blog for a while you are probably pretty aware that I have been lacking in time just lately, amongst unimaginable dramas filling my head with stress I am right in the middle of a house move (this Friday - yay!) and I am five months pregnant so anything that will save me a bit of time and/or agro right now is completely up my street. 

When Sophie from The Hair Experts asked me if I fancied giving their root touch-up product a go I practically snatched her hand off. I have been feeling so unkept lately, I have mainly been sitting trying not to puke on people, my hair has been the last of my worries but had gotten so dull and in serious need of highlights. 

As I am blonde I didn't expect this product to have as much of an affect as it did, am I the only one that thinks blonde hair is so much more stressful? The Hair Experts Root Touch-Up is a thrifty £9.99, much less costly than a head of highlights, and currently exclusive to Boots. It is extremely easy to use, after styling your hair you simply use the brush kindly provided to apply the product over your roots (or greys) and it's as if they never existed. Absolutely perfect to give you that "just had my hair done" look without the monthly price tag. 

The product feels very light, it doesn't make your roots feel oily or powdery which I was a bit concerned it might. My mum is a hairdresser... so very skeptical about products that may be a bit of a 'gimmick' however she fell in love with this and actually has stolen mine - what a cheek! 

What do you think about The Root Touch up? Have you tried this product? 

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