Monday, 26 September 2016

Nursery Decor

Moving house while being pregnant possibly wasn't one of the wisest choices that I have made in my life, but as I am learning more and more as I get older there is no such thing as a perfect time. Sometimes in life you just have to take the plunge. Our first home was a lovely little two bed which suited us for five years and we can look back at fondly with memories of pre drinks and hung over breakfasts, but as our family has grown, from two to three and soon to be four space was something we started to crave. We moved in June and one of the first rooms that we knew we wanted to get finished was of course the nursery.

The first decision we had to make was on the colour scheme. I was quite adamant that I wanted to decorate the nursery in a way that would last her a while so we wasn't having to decorate again until she was at an age where she could have some input. My husband actually thought it looked a bit too much like a teenagers room, but I am sure once it is filled with her toys that soon won't be the case. I opted for a light grey on most of the walls with a pink feature wall at the back. The feature wall actually has a really subtle gold glitter running through it, to be honest it is probably a bit too subtle and I should have added more glitter.... but we will know for next time. Lots of you on Instagram loved the wire sparkle, I picked this up for less than £10 from Not on the highstreet

I was lucky enough to get given a Mothercare cot bed by family members, ideally I would have liked a white cot to go in this room however with so much to buy we was so grateful to be lent this. This bed will last her roughly up to the age of five depending on how tall she gets. It obviously won't be filled with balloons and bunting however we are yet to purchase a mattress. 

I had to show you this little cupboard in the nursery room, it opens up into a huge storage area. I can already see her and her little friends on sleep overs hiding out in there as a den. I am definitely going to be decking it out with fairy lights Zoella style in the not to distant future I can just see it! 

We opted for carpet in the nursery mainly for comfort, I spent many hours sitting on my bedroom floor playing with barbies so I can invision her doing the same. The light grey makes the room feel more spacious as well as complementing the wall colour. 

We decided to create our own wardrobe using the B&Q website. I wanted draws (which you can see are already pretty full) as well as shelves. I am planning on getting my hands on some more white wire baskets to use for attractive storage of nappies, muslins etc. You can add doors to the B&Q wardrobes (this one is called Perkin) however I thought while her clothes are so adorable I would almost use them as a little feature in the room. When she starts to get bigger and there is less pink I may need to rethink my wardrobe choice. The only downside for this wardrobe is they do not send anywhere near enough blanking plugs and all the little black holes in the sides of the wardrobe are really unattractive, I am hoping B&Q will be able to provide me with some more as currently you can not purchase them on the website. 

I am a real lover of gold, so as well as the wire sparkle being in gold I added this vintage style frame. A friend created a beautiful bespoke painting which is hanging pride of place. Can you see little Ralphie? Couldn't miss him out now could we! Hopefully this is something we can treasure for years to come. To can check out more of Amelia's work here! 

Are you currently decorating a nursery? Is it easier when you know the sex? 


  1. Gem this is absolutely adorable and I love how classic yet adorable it all looks ! You are seriously making me broody girl! I can't wait for the arrival of our little princess !

    1. Thanks sweetie! It still needs a few finishing touches but I am sure I will just never stop tinkering with it! :) XX

  2. This nursery is just goals Gemma. Like, seriously, goals. This is how I need my future nursery to be. (PS I didn't even notice the holes on the wardrobe until you mentioned them, so it doesn't look as bad as you probably think it does!!)

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x

    1. Thanks love, I have orders hundreds of little white stopper things to fill these holes they are doing my head in! Haha! X

  3. Everything looks so pretty 😍!

    ~ Jasmin N

  4. This is one of the most prettiest nurseries I've ever seen!! Fit for a princess xxx I hope you enjoyed your baby shower xx

    1. Ahh Thanks Jenny, that is the sweetest comment ever!! :) X


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