Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Baby Shower Fun

Once I announced my pregnancy my friends were pretty adamant I should be having a baby shower. Honestly I wasn't too sure, I get very anxious about being the center of attention and lose sleep after being in groups worrying that I have said the wrong thing or manipulated the conversation. I am also awful at receiving presents, I enjoy watching people receive presents 1000 times more. But it has been a pretty crappy year (apart from baby girl gloriousness) and my husband convinced me that I should celebrate our daughter's impending arrival, so I agreed to have 30ish people enter our home for a showering of baby love.

Obviously, just like my wedding day, it rained. (possibly for the first time this month) so we was all a little bit cramped into the downstairs of my house. It was pretty tricky dividing my attention and being able to chat with everyone but hopefully I managed ok. We have only recently moved into the house and downstair is yet to be tackled so we was able to go crazy with the decorations and stick things all over the walls.

We opted for a shabby chic style of decor, with brown paper bunting and posey type flowers in vintage milk bottles tied up with brown string. (I will confess all decorations are still firming in place, and not looking like they will be taken down anytime soon!) I have always been a massive balloon lover and was adamant I wanted some show stealers. My mum arranged the most spectacular balloon display, everyone was taking photos of them! 

My friend Chloe made a selection of the most beautiful cupcakes I have ever laid my eyes on, along with a massive cake replica of my baby bump (which I gave a c section too by cutting it up) who knew edible glitter was a thing? And why would you ever want to eat a cake again that isn't covered in the stuff! 

I was truly overwhelmed by all of the gifts I received from my friends and family, it is safe to say that my daughter already has a pretty impressive wardrobe. I felt like everyone had really enjoyed picking bits out for her, so much thought had gone into everything. It is so lovely that she will have little pieces of clothing that are all my friends individual styles. Can you tell I am excited to play dress up? 

Tell me what you think of baby showers? Greedy way to get presents of lovely celebration of life? 


  1. I don't have any children, but I love going to baby showers!! It's such a nice way of getting everyone together to celebrate the upcoming arrival, plus all the cute baby clothes and gifts that you get xx

    1. Thanks for reading Jenny, baby showers are definitely my new favourite thing! X

  2. aah, looks like such a lovely day! Those cakes look amazing!

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches Travel & Lifestyle Blog

  3. It looks like you had such a lovely day! I love everything about baby showers. And I imagine that those cakes taste as good as they look x


    1. Thanks Megan, they really did! I am sat here watching Bake Off craving them!! X


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