Sunday, 6 August 2017

Why is it so hard to shift the baby weight?

While pregnant I thought by the time my baby was six months old I would have the figure a Love Island contestant would be envious of (let me add I have NEVER had a figure that anyone would be envious of) but I would have all this free time during maternity leave to work out while the baby was sleeping ..... right? WRONG!

Lylie is now nine months old and I still look roughly four months pregnant and here is why...
I am exhausted - According to new research being a mum is the equivalent of two and a half full time jobs, so no wonder I am falling on the bed in a tired heap at the end of the day. It is a scientific fact that as sleep decreases cortisol levels increase, which basically means you are unable to metabolise calories efficiently. Sleep deprivation is unavoidable and not helpful at all when trying to shift that extra cushion. 

Coffee & Cake is LIFE - As a mother Caffeine and sugar rushes are your new fuel source. You used to want these but now you need these to make it through a day of crawling pre toddlers and signing at sensory play. However much faith you have in your will power an ability to say no you WILL be offered these so many times a day any human is bound to break. Don't beat yourself up. 

I have no time to eat - I realise that is such an oxymoron but stay with me a second it does make sense. Coffee and cake seems to be all that is offered to a mum, not once during my maternity leave has someone made me a salad and I certainly haven't had the time or energy to meal prep. In the rare moments that my child is not climbing me like a tree I find my hand grabbing for the biscuit tin, my stomach thinks my throats been cut and this is all I have time for right now! 

Spare time is so precious - By force I am now a early riser, sometimes as early as four sometimes rising all through the night on and off, you never know what each bedtime will bring. My pre-Lylie bed time of 11pm has now been moved to the rock and roll hour of 8.30pm, yes you heard me right. I can not function if I do not catch at least a few Z's. That means I have roughly an hour after Lylie has gone down to make and eat dinner, clean away the mess, shower and be in bed. Not much time for squats amougust that lot. 

I deserve a treat - You know when you have had a hard old week at work and you just know that Friday night you are going to 'treat yo self' to that glass of wine. As rewarding as it is (and it is the best job in the world) mumming all bloody day and night is hard and that entitles me to a treat when ever the feck I want one. 

Are you currently trying to slim down after your new arrival? Is coffee your new life line? 


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  1. First of all Gemma you look AMAZING as you are and you should be damn proud of that body - you made life with that body! You literally made a little mini human!!!

    Plus, a lot of us struggle to eat healthily/work out without having the responsibility of looking after a growing little human, so you're definitely right that in your spare time, you deserve a treat and relax!!!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x


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