Sunday, 23 July 2017

Baby Banana Pancakes

"Wakin' up too early, Maybe we could sleep in? Make you banana pancakes, pretend like it's the weekend... "

We have been singing Jack Johnson a lot in my house this weekend and it made me laugh when I looked up the lyrics because they are quite accurate. Lylie has now decided that FIVE AM is morning and that, in my opinion, is definitely waking up too early! 

Lylie is now 8 months and weaning is in full swing. I have to admit I am not loving it so much, baby led weaning terrifies me but I don't want to have to feed her off of the spoon all of the time. Sometimes it is much easier for us to eat at the same time together. Thats why when my friend told me about these pancakes I was excited at the prospect of having a breakfast we could eat at the same time. They taste delicious and you only need TWO ingredients! 

All you will need to make these Banana Pancakes is a Banana and an egg.
It really is the most simple recipe. 

Step 1. Blend up a banana 
Step 2. Beat an egg with a fork
Step 3. Combine the two 
Step 4. Heat a little unsalted butter in a pan and cook. 

I love these pancakes as they are soft and easy for the babies to eat and also super quick and easy to make, with minimal washing up! 

Do you have a favourite baby recipe? 

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