Friday, 15 December 2017

My thoughts on the Christmas Craze

This year it's Fingerlings, a little interactive monkey that comfortably wraps around your finger and blows you kisses. Last year, hatchimals. When I was a kid it was Furby's that the mama's were lining up outside Hamley's hoping to grab. Every year there is a certain colour that is the most desirable, I remember it was the pure white Furby we all wanted and this year of course it is the unicorn Fingerling. 

Yes my one year old is the proud own of a Bella Fingerling, however merely by chance. Lylie's BFF Sienna happened to have one and thought it was great so I purchased one of these funny little monkeys a while ago before I started to see the posts on the mum Facebook groups with urgent appeals for certain coloured Fingerlings. Although mum Facebook groups can be great with anything everyone has their own opinion's and things can sometimes get tense. One post in-particular grabbed my attention while I was having a middle of the night scroll (teething baby means broken sleep again hoorah) a mother was desperately seeking a Fingerling for her child, it was the only thing her little girl had asked Father Christmas for and she didn't know what she could do. One comment said "What you can do is you can teach your kid she won't always get what she wants..." 

Absolutely your child will need to learn that they can not have everything they want, however I don't feel like Christmas is the right time for this lesson. While my daughter believes I will do everything in my power to keep that magic alive and if that means standing in a line at midnight to get my hands on an overpriced piece of plastic so be it. 

What do you think? Will you be scrambling past other mama's to get your hands on the next Christmas craze? 

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