Friday, 12 January 2018

Survival Tips - Getting through a wedding with a baby

I don't know about you but now Christmas is well and truly over I am about ready for spring. Today I saw daffodils in the shops and it made me so happy... soon the shelves will be full of egg shape chocolate (my favourite type) The thought of impending warmer weather coincided with a bunch of save the date cards hitting my door mat, that's right wedding season is on the way. Lylie is only just one and she has already attended THREE weddings, so I thought I would share my survival tips for making it through the wedding day with a baby in tow.

1. TAKE SNACKS - I know this seems a bit obvious but it is so important not to forget the snacks, but also to make sure the snacks are not going to ruin the baby's outfit, at least before the photos have happened. Yoghurt coated rice cakes, raisins, grapes, are all good stain proof choices. Maybe a little bit of white chocolate for during the speeches, milky buttons that you can slip in if the groom has seven best men and you know you are in for a long ride. 

2. LOCATE A BEDROOM - If the wedding venue has bedrooms available it is definitely a good option to consider booking a room. Weddings are loud, and next to the bride your baby is likely to be center of attention, its amazing to have somewhere for your little one to have some quiet time. It is very likely that your baby will be up way past their bed time so if you can slip away for them to have a little afternoon nap it will keep a smile on their face for longer. If you aren't staying over don't feel bad to ask around and see if someone would let you borrow their room for your baby to have some down time, I am sure lots of people would be very accommodating. 

3. BRING PJS - If staying over isn't an option bringing along a baby grow or some comfy clothes for your baby to change into once they start to get tired and irritable could be a god send. As gorgeous as the little dresses/suits are they can't be the most comfortable. Something cosy and warm to change into could make all the difference, also one less thing to do once you finally make it home. 

4. LET THE RELOS TAKE A TURN - (Relos = relatives, yep I am obsessed with Home & Away I admit it.) If you are attending a family wedding make sure you let everyone take a turn of amusing the baby. Everyone is probably itching to get a cuddle, so don't be overly polite if they want to play with the little ones for a while have a boogie and enjoy yourself. 

5. DRESS FOR THE OCCASION - Gone are the days of elaborate wedding guest outfits that you can't breathe or walk in... thank God. You have to consider how often you are going to be bending down attending to your little one. Make sure your skirt is mid length to avoid any Britney moments, that is definitely not how you want to steal the brides thunder. I would also avoid a plunging neckline, you all know how these children cling to us like koalas. Coast is always my first point of call when choosing the perfect wedding attire which is both stylish and practical. The pieces are generally timeless which means the investment will be worth it when next years weddings start rolling round. 

Imi Lace Dress £148 
Ali Bardot Jumpsuit £129
Last year I loved the smart trouser trend and I am over the moon that it seems to be holding on for 2018. This trouser outfit looks flattering and will surely be comfortable if you are having to bend down to nappy change or hold your baby for naps, anything like that. I know off the shoulder isn't for everyone and there is a risk of this being pulled down but if you make sure everything is securely in place showing off your yummy mummy shoulders, while hiding those upper arms (does anyone else hate their arms since giving birth?) is a super flattering option. 

If you are attending a wedding with your baby in 2018, GOOD LUCK!! 
I bet it won't be as stressful as you are expecting :) 

* This post is in collaboration with Coast 


  1. Those outfits are so gorgeous and you look absolutely stunning!!! :-) amazing tips lovely! xx


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