Thursday, 1 February 2018

Themed Days at Marsh Farm - Unicorn Day

January is such a miserable month we decided to book in a treat day of fun to beat the gloom. Typically as our magical unicorn day came around the heavens opened and tried to rain on our parade. We decided to wrap up warm and make the best out of the day as our tickets were non refundable. Having a 15 month old who isn't yet steady on her feet outside in the pouring rain does raise one or two challenges however luckily Marsh Farm does have both indoor and outdoor activities available, and the older kids were loving channeling their inner Peppa and jumping in all of the muddy puddles. (side note not everyone loves jumping in puddles Peppa, you liar!) 

We headed to the toy factory first to make our very own unicorn, who we named Eunice and dressed in a sparkly dress that even Elsa would be envious of. Lylie was able to stuff her unicorn and choose a colour heart to pop in, we choose yellow! There was a choice of toys to stuff although all the children seemed to be going for the multi coloured unicorns and I have to agree that one was the best choice. If unicorns weren't your bag but you had been dragged along anyway, there were also monkeys and bears available to stuff and dress.

The usual Marsh Farm activities were all available to participate in throughout the day, the soft play area, jumpy pillows, and tractor rides. The new addition to the farm is a mini golf course, Lylie is obviously too young for this right now (someone would have been likely to be wacked with the golf club) but I think this is a brilliant activity for older children and it is within the entry fee. 

Lylie loves looking at the animals, I feel that at this stage she is destined for life as a vet. So we spent a good amount of time looking at Llama's, goat's and pig's. One of the pigs had just given birth to piglets so we spent a while watching them all feeding with their mummy and getting to know the world. Very adorable. Then a real life unicorn walked past us .....

OK it was a pony covered in glitter but for all intents and purpose's it was glitter the unicorn.

We headed to the unicorn stables and was able to stroke and groom the unicorns. Lylie was slightly overwhelmed by the amount of magic in the room. All of the older girls were squealing in delight, their little faces a picture of real life dreams come true. The staff were all going above and beyond to make the experience extra special.

After the unicorn stables we headed to the glitter disco hosted by the unicorn wizard. (who is also the man who dresses as a wizard for Halloween) He was super sweet and got all of the kids dancing away with flashing lights and magic tricks, by far our favourite part of the day. At the end we did some 'unicorn magic' and made it snow (potentially left over from Christmas) but the kids loved it none the less. We was going to try and make something unicorn related in the craft room however as it was raining the room was packed out so we decided to call it a day.

It would have definitely been a more enjoyable experience in dry weather and we would have spent more time at the farm, however if you have purchased your tickets in advance and it does happen to rain I would recommend you still go along and make use of all of the indoor facilities.

Also the chicken nuggets were amazing... just saying :)


  1. Such a lovely day (despite the rain!). Personal highlights; the nuggets and Velma (unplanned extra). Lowlight; the birds. All the birds xx

    1. Hahahaha!!! Looking forward to our next adventures, love you lots xx


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