Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Tips to sooth or prevent nappy rash

I didn't realise the sheer quantity of drama's teething would bring. You hear whispers about it being hard work, but for me and the majority of my mum friends it has been a nightmare. Runny nose? Teeth. Cough? Teeth. Won't sleep? Teeth. Won't eat? Teeth. But so far the worst thing for us to come from the dreaded teething is extra poop's and a VERY sore bum!

And when I say extra poop's I mean EXTRA AF, I'm talking up to the record number of 18 poops in 24 hours, throughout the night as well. It was a dark time for the entire household. During this week of excessive pooing when the top two beaver teeth, as my husband has named them, popped into vision Lylie's bum was red raw. I will be quick to point out that this wasn't through negligence on our part, all the common sense bum care was still in place but these 'battery acid poo's' can be lethal. 

Here are my five tips to sooth nappy rash  

Switch to water - As soon as that little bum starts look just a tiny bit red I go back to the old school. I am talking no wipes, just cotton wool pads and warm water. It definitely makes a nappy change take that little bit longer but will certainly help that little soreness from turning into full blown nappy rash. Water wipes can be good, although they are quite costly, and I found they stick together easily and are not as quick to use as cotton wool and warm water. However if Lylie's bum is particularly bad I will pick up water wipes for the changing bag to use on the go. 

Nappy off time - Letting the air get to the area is so important, although perhaps not practical if your whole house is carpeted. I try to pen Lylie into a small area and pop down some sponge play mats that are easily wipe-able. This task is a lot easier in the summer when you don't have to worry about your baby getting cold, however it is doable in the winter with the help of a portable heater and lots of fuzzy socks (you need lots as they are likely to get pee'd on) If you need to put a nappy on make sure you change it very frequently. This probably seems like a no brainer however when you have a toddler that acts like having a nappy change is a form of Russian torture it is easy to let them go that little bit longer without a change. Changing your babies nappy every couple of hours massively cuts down on any irritation that the soiled nappy can cause. Pin that kid down and get it changed! 

Metanium - Specifically the ointment is the best treatment I have found for treating nappy rash. It is a really thick yellow paste (and it does stain the carpet) You can pick this up pretty easily in places such as boots. When Lylie hasn't got any soreness I use this cream over night and I use the Metanium every day barrier cream each change. 

Oat Baths - This is not only good for nappy rash, oat baths are also super effect for helping to sooth eczema and can also be used if your baby has the dreaded chicken pox. Make sure you use non flavoured oats (although a golden syrup flavoured baby would smell divine) I pop the oats into a clean pop sock and let the warm water run through it as I fill up the bath. It's really that simple. 

Egg Whites - Probably the less common remedy for nappy rash is egg whites. Egg whites work well to treat redness and provide a natural barrier for the skin to begin to heal. Separate the egg whites into a clean bowl and then paint them onto the affected area, I used a clean make up brush to do this. Leave them to dry before putting on a fresh nappy or even better leave your baby nappy free.


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