Friday, 27 November 2015

Zara Leopard Print Boots

If you happen to have read my Christmas wish list post you will know that I am not a patient person!

I have mentioned (probably quite a few times) that my number one style icon is Amy of, she always looks so pulled together with minimal effort and maximum WOW and there is where I first decided I needed leopard print boots. 

Usually I wouldn't be one for a kitten heel, a friend of mine's little sister once told me that kitten heels made her feel sick and I vowed never to touch them again. However what is good enough for Amy is good enough for me. I actually think the heel on these boots keeps them looking grown up and sophisticated, with any animal print you run the risk of looking a bit, well, tacky.... and no one wants that! 

I recently visited the Forest restaurant with Alex and paired these boots with a Motel navy pinafore dress and no joke I was stopped four times in the street by people wanting to know where I got my shoes, I just love it when that happens. 

These little beauts will set you back £69.99 which isn't the cheapest, but they are real leather and will never go out of style. So if you are in the market for some like these I would totally recommend checking them out. They are bound to be gracing these pages A LOT. 


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