Monday, 2 November 2015

I Love Autumn

No honestly, I know every blog you read right now is probably saying the same but I actually mean it...I love autumn. A chance to feel cosy all the time, the different coloured leaves on the ground, the build up to Christmas whats not to love. 

While we are talking about things I love, Brandy Melville. Alex introduced me to Brandy Melville a couple of weeks ago and ever since I haven't been able to walk down Carnaby Street without picking something up. They have the best quality T-shirts that are so hard to resist. If you haven't been in there before I forewarn you that 'one size fits all' which is probably not that true but it seems to fit me. 

You might recognise this bag, that is if you read my Christmas wishing post last week and you will also now know that I am not a patient person. In my defence there was ONE left in the Zara in lakeside and basically a necessity as it fitted my blogging camera in without any struggle. 

So mesh socks are apparently a thing, I picked up these ones that you can see peeping out the top of my boots last week from ASOS I love them by the way, and then last night my friend Xanthe uploaded a Primark haul video and she had picked some up from there, probably for less money than my ASOS ones. What do you think of these mesh socks? I sort of dig the way it looks. 

If you happen to have watched a few of my youtube videos, especially the makeup ones, you may have noticed that I am a huge advocate of the Top Shop lipsticks. Last week whilst binge watching Autumn essentials videos I stumbled across Sarah LouLou's channel and she recommended boardroom a Top Shop shade I hadn't seen and perfect for the season, I just had to have it. I have been wearing it ever since.


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