Tuesday, 2 February 2016

The Libertines @ The 02

My history with The Libertines, or more accurately Pete Doherty is extensive. In fact it is probably the only constant throughout my adolescence. I first fell in love at the end of 2003 at the tender age of sixteen when they released their second album, I can't remember how I found them but on first listen I was hooked. 

I've lost count at how many times I have seen Pete live, I was even lucky enough to be in the front row for a small gig at Shepherds Bush Empire once where he touched my hand (I did eventually have to wash it) I waited for hours out the back to try and get a photo but he never came ... I'm hopeful for one day! 

I was at the Hyde Park gig in 2014, on my birthday, when The Libertines announced their come back and The Albion sailed on course. I never would have imagined the course it was on would be stopping at the 02. 

Obviously I was ready and waiting to get my tickets, how would The Libertines work in a venue like the 02? They are so at home in places like Brixton Academy or the stages of festivals I was intrigued, but also felt proud of them, I had to be there. I am well used to waiting for hours until he comes on the stage (or waiting and Pete never arriving, I always forgive him) but 9pm sharp after a fairly strange poet talking about poundland the boys in the band walked on the stage.

I already had an idea of the set list from various fan clubs posting reviews, as always they didn't disappoint. It did feel more professional that usual, Pete didn't knock over the drum set or drop the mic. He mentioned it was an eight grand fine for smoking on the stage, although that didn't stop the crowd and there was the usual dealer walking around mumbling MDNA or Ket? under his breath. Still it didn't feel as grimy as usual, this isn't a positive thing .... when it comes to gigs the grimier the better. And I think the boys felt a little out of place. 

They did however totally take command of the crowd, Libertines fans are loyal and we all wanted them to succeed at a gig which had raised so many eyebrows. I felt a bit sad walking out of the 02 afterwards, it could potentially be a while before I see the boys perform again (and I finally get that photo I have been after for the last twelve years) but for now I can safely say I have never loved them more. 



  1. You should do music posts more often love!! I loved this! I'd never heard of them before chatting to you so it's been nice seeing a different side to Pete than his reputation! Fab post as always love :-) xx

    1. I'm glad I have opened your eyes to the gloriousness that is Mr Doherty! If they ever play in Liverpool I will come with you ;) XX

  2. Oh you and your love for Mr Doherty!! I believe you'll get your photo one day ;). Definitely do some more gig posts. We'll have to get browsing for some gigs in the future. Great post lovely xx

    1. Thanks sweetie, I am not so sure on the photo front but I will remain hopeful. Yes let's do a gig this year XX

  3. Oh wow I'm so jealous! it sounds like you had an amazing time xx

    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie


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