Friday, 8 July 2016

Elvive Extraordinary Clay Pre-Shampoo Masque Review

I first heard about this product thanks to Fleur De Force's GRWM video set in Vegas. As soon as she started explaining the benefits of the masque I thought this is what I need.

I have worked hard over the last two years to get my hair into a decent condition after having some awfully damaging hair extensions. One of the things that can really help is not washing your hair every day however I am someone who suffers with greasy roots which is in no way attractive.

If you feel like you need to wash your hair daily this product will change your life! I know you are thinking 'WOW Gemma that is extreme' but I stand by that statement.

This is a pre shampoo treatment masque, you simply apply the product to your roots and leave it on for around ten minutes. The consistency is so thick you really only need a small amount, I section my hair paying special attention to the areas which I know hold the most oil. The masque absorbs the oils and impurities leaving your roots feeling light and lifted.

After using this product I can go three, maybe even four days without washing my hair. (Ok the fourth day will probably call for a messy bun but still that's pretty good going.) I am so glad I tried the Elvive Extraordinary Clay Masque and at only £6.27 I will definitely be repurchasing.

Have you tried this product? Let me know!


  1. Ohhh I have never seen this but it sounds like an absolute dream !!! I am such a fan of a good hair mask too! Your photos in this are stunning !

    1. Thanks Saira you sweetie!! It is honestly such a great product, I wouldn't be with out it now!! Xx

  2. omg being able to go 3/4 days without washing me hair would be amazing! definitely need to try this out haha

    xo Sarah
    Absolutely Sarah | Bloglovin

    1. I never thought it was possible for me, especially as I have a fringe (they always go greasy quick) it's a game changer!! Xx

  3. This sounds lovely, I think I could do with trying it.

    Lauren x |

    1. It's so good! Let me know if you do give it a go!? X

  4. Ooooo this sounds amazing Gemma!!! I wish I could go 4 days without washing my hair, haha!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x


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