Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Pregnancy Update - 22 Weeks

So I thought I would have a little chat on here and give anyone who is interested a little pregnancy update. A couple of weeks ago I told you all that we had been to the hospital for our second scan and revealed that we are having a little girl - which is very exciting. 

Since then it seems like my belly has popped a bit, I am so pleased to finally look pregnant especially after a guy I work with said to me "you just look like you've had too much KFC" wow Thanks mate! I've had a couple of strangers ask me when i'm due and even had some people compliment me on my 'maternity style' which was the nicest thing when you are feeling frumpy and not your best. 

My nausea has pretty much gone now (touch wood) although I am still eating really often, which I am sure is fine. My taste in food has pretty much completely changed. I crave red meats so much which is very unlike me, before I really ate mainly vegetarian. Also I have developed the biggest sweet tooth, today alone I have eaten a whole sharer bag of chocolate buttons and it's not even lunch time yet! 

Couple of not so fun things that are happening at week 22. I wake up most mornings with head aches, this is probably the worst part of the pregnancy right now. Sometimes I can't even lift my head off the pillow, my midwife has said this is due to my increase in hormones. I am also having a few nose bleeds which again is normal due to the increase in blood flow, i'm not sure my hayfever is helping that either. 

All in all I am in a really good place right now, my energy levels have picked up which makes things much easier. We have FINALLY moved into our new family home and will soon be decorating baby girl's nursery. An artist I know is designing a mural to put on the wall so I am really excited to share that with you all when it is done. 

Let me know if you are pregnant how you are getting on? Would be great to find some bloggers going through it at the same time! 

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