Saturday, 16 July 2016

Maternity Styling

Maternity Clothes as it turns out not so much fun...

I always imagined the perfect little bump, I would basically wear my normal clothes and I would still look great right? Wrong! I am now 24 weeks pregnant and I am finding it increasingly difficult to find outfits which both feel comfortable and also don't make me feel like a hungry hungry hippo. 

There are a couple of outfits that have become my 'go to' (I will attempt to do some more OOTD posts if any of you fellow pregnant ladies are at all interested.) 

This week I have been in holidaying in Devon. These long t-shirt style midi dresses have been great, I got a selection from Primark about £8 each. They are super stretchy which means they aren't going to last longer than the summer but I think for the price that is ok. 

An open long jumper can be a flattering addition, as it is open no bulging buttons. I may well be in denial here but I would even go as far as to say ... slimming.

I find i've been paying a lot more attention to the 'little details' now I am getting bigger. I am making the effort to put on a little necklace and spending slightly longer on my eyeshadow selection. ASOS has a great range of little chokers at the moment that I have been really enjoying, the one I am wearing in these photos only set me back £4. 

I am definitely starting to enjoy my pregnancy now, I have more energy and some days I totally forget I am carrying around another human (until she starts the somersaults) I do however wish maternity ranges were larger and more readily available, I don't want to order everything on line I would quite like to have a little look round the shops. 

Are you pregnant at the moment? Do you have any maternity clothing tips for me? 


  1. You and bump look gorge!! You style maternity wear amazingly! You go gal xxxx

    1. Ahh thanks lovely, you are far too kind!! XX

  2. Another great outfit. Love the dress and you're right, £8 for something that will only last a few months doesn't feel so bad. You get your use out of it :)

    Love Hannah xx

    1. Thanks lovely, they are so out of shape now but they will soon be going in the bin!! Roll on Autumn pleeeeeease XX


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