Sunday, 11 December 2016

A Pre & Post Natal Essential

When Velinda got in touch with me to see if I would like to review one of their multifunction pregnancy pillows I jumped at the opportunity, it was only two weeks before my scheduled cesarean but I had been more uncomfortable than ever before, so I hoped this little gem would help me get my last bit of valuable sleep before baby made her arrival.

Typically I missed the delivery and had to retrieve the parcel from my local post office. When they handed it over I was completely taken back by the size of it, lucky I didn't decide to take a little stroll down there and had my car as it was bigger than me! Towards the end of pregnancy it is usually most comfortable to sleep on your side however the weight of your bump can pull on your back and cause further pain, the larger part of the pillow effortlessly wraps around you to support not only the weight of your bump but also your back. The pillow does take up practically the whole bed, brilliant for me not so sure my husband was loving it ... or my dog for that matter. I thoroughly enjoyed using this pillow for the last couple of weeks of my pregnancy and was planning on passing it on to another expectant mother, thankfully I didn't.

When I got home after my cesarean (both times - see previous post) I was in a lot more pain than I had anticipated. I am not sure that I would have been able to sleep without the help of my new pregnancy pillow. I was unable to turn on my side and the only way I felt even slightly comfortable was in a sort of sitting up position, my pillow was the only thing that would allow me to easily achieve this. I would lay inside the two sided of the pillow and wrap the ends under my knees... it sounds confusing I know, but trust me this was a God send.

Now I am feeling much better I am not having to use the large pillow in order to get comfortable but that doesn't mean I am not still using it. Having a new born means a lot of day napping, trying to sleep when Lylie sleeps is fairly important right now. Sometimes during the day all three of us (Me, Lylie & Ralph) will get in my bed and have a little snuggle time. I use the large pillow as a sort of bumper around the side of the bed so I am able to relax a bit more knowing it will stop Lylie from potentially falling out of the bed. The smaller pillow which comes in the set has been a real asset when it comes to feeding time, I will pop this under my arm to support Lylie's weight and ease some of the strain on my back. There is a lot of carrying and rocking during the first couple of weeks with a new born so anything that helps the back pain is worth it's weight in gold.

If you are expecting I would 100% recommend this multifunctional pregnancy pillow, it is priced very reasonably at £25 - £40 which I can guarantee will be worth every penny. A few of my mum to be friends have already been out and purchased one after spending some time in my house and realising just how much use it is getting.

If you decide to invest in a multifunctional pregnancy pillow make sure to let me know :)

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