Thursday, 16 March 2017

New Mum Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Friday was my husband's 30th birthday which means we are already in the month of March, in the year 2017... how the heck did that happen? My daughter (whom I was pregnant with for roughly 300 years) is now four months old, I am discussing weening, oh and it's mothers day soon!
WOW and breathe.

I thought seeing as this year is my first year as a mother to a human (not just my Shih Tzu) I should put together my FIRST EVER mother's day gift ideas post!

1. Mama Bear - My uniform in the last four months has basically become jeans and a jumper. Lets face it it has been a tad chilly since my darling daughter entered the world, and well I have had more important things to think about than looking stylish. This is where the slogan Jumper from EllieEllie comes in to play, a jumper that is also stylish! All the mums at sensory are going to want one of these I assure you! As well as looking just bloody beaut it is also super soft and washes up a treat.. I'll have one in every colour Please and Thank You!

2. Sally Hansen Polishes - I realise that your nails are basically at the bottom of the list of importance as a new mum. You hardly have time to shower let alone apply a fresh layer of polish, right? But there is something about having painted nails that makes you feel like you've got your shit together. Sally Hansen polishes are  a perfect gift for someone with very little time. Nail varnish on my natural nails never lasts longer than a day however the Sally Hansen polishes sturdily last me a good four days without chipping, and when your hands are in water for  90% of the day I think that is pretty damn good!

3. Name Infinity Necklace - Every time I have worn this necklace someone has either complemented me on it or asked where they can get one themselves. When I first opened it I actually thought it looked a little bit big but it is a statement piece. It goes perfectly with pretty much every outfit, I am loving wearing it with a simple striped tee.

4. Socks - Ok stay with me on this one because I am sure you have never before wanted to be gifted socks. I am not talking about plan black socks that you hide in your shoes, I am talking glittery magical beauty's. New mums spend the majority of their week either at sensory classes or in each others front room bitching about the dads (harsh but true - hehe) thats a lot of time in socks.. make those socks something worth looking at!

5. A FULL NIGHTS SLEEP - I haven't had a full nights sleep since the 1st November last year, Lylie was born on the 3rd. I was too excited to sleep on the 2nd, and in too much pain after she arrived while my husband was off of work helping. And then he went back to work and I was on night feed duty and have been since then. I am pretty lucky that my little bundle does sometimes let me sleep for about six hours (I have a friend that is still getting up every two - ouch) but even if I am asleep I am still in charge of a human life and that just doesn't make for a very restful night ... OMG am I ever going to relax again?

Whats on your wish list? Or what will you be picking up for your mum?


  1. The nail polish is so beautiful! These are some lovely ideas - especially sleep! Haha! Hope you have a great first Mother's Day! ☺ xx

  2. That necklace is so so beautiful, I'm going to have to drop loads of hints to Taylor to make him get something similar for me! HOW are you looking so good and stylish as a new mum?!

    The end of the post made me chuckle - I think the answer to number 5 is no - you probably won't ever relax again! Haha!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia xx

    1. I am just wearing the same outfit every bloody day haha!! :)

    2. What lovely ideas! I love the infinity necklace what a cute idea!


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