Thursday, 23 March 2017

Lazy Baby GIVEAWAY!!

I've spoken before about my love of Instagram shops, it is always such a fun way to find new creative products to buy and also often a chance to support small and independent businesses. I am a lover of the highstreet but as soon as Lylie and I walked into our first sensory class I knew that I was going to have to search further afield than Next to find her cute little outfits. Don't get me wrong I am in no way throwing any shade at Next clothing I love it, I am at the front of the que for the boxing day sale at 5am, it's true! However when three little girls in the class are all wearing the same dress it's time to get a little bit creative..

Lazy Baby was created by Mark Hagley, he wanted to send a message to his kids about the right way to do things therefore all the products made by the brand are fair-trade and organic. The products he creates are fun and playful perfect for a kid with personality, and at only five months I am very aware that mine comes under that sassy category.

My absolute favourite product of the range are the long sleeve TShirts, there seems to be one for every hobby. My husband very rarely shows interest in the baby girls wardrobe choices, his criteria is the easiest outfit to be able to change a nappy in, however when he saw the Lazy Baby website he wanted to get involved. On the rare occasion he is left to choose her OOTD it will be something from Lazy Baby thats a given. As well as being super stylish the products are of excellent quality and something I can confidently dress my daughter in. 

LUCKY YOU because Lazy Baby are very kindly giving away TWO long sleeve TShirts of your choice (subject to availability of course) all you have to do it head over to Instagram to enter. The GIVEAWAY closes on Mother's Day so please make sure you are in for a chance to win! 



  1. Omg I just cannot get enough of how adorable Lylie is! I love the '9 months inside' one! She's gonna grow up to be so sassy just like her mumma

    Jodie @ x

    1. Haha Thanks Jodie, she has definitely already got an attitude :)

  2. The outfits are just gorgeous! Lyle is so beautiful too!


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