Wednesday, 29 March 2017

PacaPod Mirano Review

When pregnant you have to make some really hard decisions ready for the future. One of them is what to invest in and what to bargain hunt for... one of the things you NEED is a changing bag.

The main thing I was looking for in a changing bag was one that looked unisex. I find all changing bags have a feminine edge to them however some are covered in cupcakes and love hearts which my husband is probably less likely to want to sling over his shoulder. I opted for a brown 'leather look' bag but not wanting to break the bank this bag has hardly any compartments, it was basically just a huge bag that I probably could have picked up from Primark for £50 cheaper. This bag has been the start of quite a few, lets call them bickerings, between the 'OH' and I. It seems that if you are planning on sharing your changing bag you need to properly invest in a professional changing bag that has a place for everything... otherwise you are likely to get sworn at during explosive nappy time.

When the lovely people over at PacaPod asked if I would be interested in reviewing one of their professional changing bags it couldn't have come at a better time. PacaPod was lovingly designed by Jacqueline Waggot, a mum herself, Jacqueline knew that having children is time consuming enough without spending ages digging around your changing bag on the look out for the wipes!! I chose the Mirano in Black, affectionately dubbed as the Mary Poppins of changing bags, which couldn't be more appropriate especially with the generous capacity of over 32 litres. The Mirano is made up of three sections, a compartment for mum including a pocket for your phone (hands up if baby brain makes you loose your phone more than ten times a day) and the main feature the two detachable pods. Making this bag a truly practical investment item. The feeder pod is insulated, which will serve you well long after the baby years. It is big enough for two bottles side by side (basing this on my Doctor Brown's bottles)

One of the main features of the PacaPod changing bags are the detachable pods. Not only does that make arranging your bag an organisational dream, it also means you have less you need to fit into the baby change with you. Just detach your pod and off you go to change that little bum - easy! The front of the bag has a very generous pocket which is fastened with a popper for security, I keep my quick to grab bits on there such as teething gel (which is never far from reach right now) 

Another feature to mention about the Mirano is how light the bag is, when trying out changing bags before I had Lylie I found quite a lot of the more expensive brands were heavy even before you packed them out with the essentials with the Mirano this is not the case and I am definitely an over packer, terrified that I may accidentally forget or need something I haven't got. 

New for Spring 2017 the PacaPod Mirano is now available in a beautiful pewter shade, perfect for the impending warmer weather (fingers crossed!) I opted for the classic black, although in my opinion all of the colours available look effortlessly chic with a stylish mix of natural fabrics and soft leather. One of the main things people comment on is how this bag hardly looks like a changing bag at all. Don't get me wrong it is sizeable, it even fits my mac book in which is going to be super handy in the future when I am trying to get work done at soft play areas (yep I am already imagining Lylie as a big kid... poor little thing is only five months) and yes I am assuming I will still be using the Mirano in years to come, the quality of the bag speaks for itself and even though I am sure on days it is tested to the limit I am sure it will ultimately last the test of time.

What do you think of PacaPod?


  1. This is such an amazing idea! So practical & it actually looks lovely/stylish! X

  2. I'm so impressed that this is a changing bag! Honestly, if you were walking down the road infront of me I would NEVER have guessed that was anything other than a normal bag. You are one stylish mumma (and dadda - mustn't forget Mat!).

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x


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