Monday, 10 July 2017

Bourgee Airside

As if Southend airport wasn't already the most convenient thing ever (you can now fly to approximately 30 locations) the fact that you can sip on champagne at Bourgee while you await your flight is basically the best thing i've ever heard! 

Last week I hit THIRTY... oh ma gawd!! I actually feel really ok about it, growing older is of course a privillege denied to so many. I always try to remember that with every year that passes. Although it is still a good excuse for a good old knee's up, and I have taken every opportunity turning thirty has given me to let my hair down. The first of the celebrations was a fabulous 48 hours in Amsterdam with four of my favourite girls. Of course this started with a trip to Bourgee. 

I was lucky enough to attend the opening of Bourgee Chelmsford last year,  one of the most fabulous blogging events I have ever attended with the food on offer leaving me dreaming of a return.  But how could the quality of an airport bite sized Bourgee live up to this? Tania, the super talented chef, has got it all under control. The food was so delicious we almost missed our flight (oops) 

I wasn't sure if I had talked the food up a bit in my head, as I had been dreaming of the delights for a good nine months. Honestly it was possibly even better than I had remembered. Bourgee is a premium dining experience, without the over the top price tag that you would expect to pay for the service and atmosphere you receive. Bourgee provides obtainable luxury. The bite sized menu is full of creative and expertly crafted culinary delights. 

Sautéed cocktail sausages with chipotle chilli jam
Apart from the bottle of fizz (or two) we also ordered a selection of tapas. I really want to tell you what my favourite of the bunch was however I am finding it very difficult to decide. If I was only allowed to order one thing again I would probably go for crispy beef steamed bun. I haven't tried anything quite like it before and I would very much like to try it again! 

Sticky maple and sesame beef bites, soy and lime dipping sauce
Spanish frittata chips with aioli
crispy beef, steamed bun, miso & kimchi
Lovely Tania made us a few nibbles to try, we scoffed very quickly as the plane was boarding at this point! 
Finally I must give a big mention to Josh, the Bourgee manager. The customer service in a restaurant is always so important, almost as important as the cusine itself and Bourgee have certainly found the right man for the job. Josh is warm and welcoming, like an old friend from the beginning of your experience. Making you feel completely at home even surrounded by the luxury that is Bourgee. We wanted to stay longer just to remain in his company. 

If you are due to fly out of Southend airport soon there is nowhere else to start your holiday. Bourgee is ready to wow you! 


  1. This all looks so so nice! I've always wanted to try steamed buns! xx

    Tamz |

    1. It really is delicious! Definitely give steamed buns a go if you get the chance xx

  2. This looks amazing! I'm so jealous & almost makes me want to book a flight just to give those delicious looking tapas a go!

    1. Yeah lets book a flight, where shall we go? X

  3. This food looks amazing!! I'm hoping to go to the restaurant in Chelmsford soon!

    1. Tanks for commenting! You will not be disappointed the food is amazing XX

  4. I normally go for a greasy fry up in an airport, but this looks SO much more appealing!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x


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