Sunday, 24 June 2018

Toddlers on Planes

We recently took the plunge and went for it... we took the toddler abroad. When ever anyone asked if I was excited for my holiday only one thing entered my mind, sheer panic about the flight! Even though I like to think as a mother I have now gotten over the caring what other people think about... well anything anymore really, it still panicked me that I wouldn't be able to escape if she did kick off. And my kid is a particularly head strong little thing. I thought I would share with you a couple of things that got me through the travelling aspect of our holibobs! 

1. Consider the time of the flight - I know this is not always possible, however if you do have a choice pick the time of your flight wisely. Our outward flight was perfect timing, just after a nap and before food. Lylie was loving all the snacks they kept her amused for the majority of the time. However the inward flight was past bedtime, Lylie would not sleep and got herself so over tired we had a few tears.

2. When you think you have packed enough snacks pack more snacks - Pack things that will take them a while to eat, little packets of raisins, bread sticks and dip (my girl loves to dip) and white chocolate buttons are all winners.

3. Do NOT underestimate the power of stickers - Why is it that all kids love stickers? Lylie lives for them, there isn't a day that goes past that I do not get stuck with at least one. As annoying as they are (because she puts them all on top of each other and completely defeats the object) stickers always keep her amused for a while.

4. Let them entertain the crowd - Apart from the lady sitting next to us who decided an Easy Jet flight to Marbella would be the perfect place for a conference call (no idea how she had wifi but something wizardly was going on there) everyone on the plane spent the entire journey gushing over Lylie, she loves the attention so lapped it up, waving and blowing kissing and generally doing her thing.

5. Go with the flow - It's really hard to stick to a plan when travelling with toddlers, something unexpected always happens. So just do what ever you can to keep the atmosphere calm and make sure those chocolate buttons are within reach AT ALL TIMES!!

Are you going away this year? I'd love to know! 


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