Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Do you believe in fairies?

On bank holiday Monday we spent the day with the fairies at Nevendon Manor. 

I wasn't sure what I was walking into and it is fair to say this place was an instagrammer's dream come true, I was completely in my element.... and Lylie loved it too! 

We embarked on a journey around an enchanted wood led by Lilly a little girl who truly wanted to believe. I can not fault Lilly's acting, for such a young lady she captivated the attention of both adults and children making the experience truly magical. Actually everyone involved was fantastic and truly made the magic of the fairies come alive. 

All of the children were made to feel like an important part in the journey to help Lilly believe, not one of the actors broke character even the fairies were gracefully on point throughout the duration. 

The attention to deal in the props was so impressive with sparkly butterflies embedded into the tree's and magical looking toad stalls everywhere. I know this post is photo heavy but there was too much to take in everything was a photo opportunity. 

Lylie chose some fairy dust, the one she went for was Imagination, perfectly fitting for the morning we had. She held onto it tightly the whole morning as if her life depended on it. 

The fairy dust was an extra £2 and there were also stalls available if you wanted face painting or to pick up some fairy themed crafts. The tickets for the walk were just under £13 per person which when you see the effort that had gone into making the set so realistic and magical I think is probably fairly reasonable, although it is so engaging it feels like it's over before it's even begun. 

At the end we met Ivy, the fairy who we had been searching for through the duration and she was dressed beautifully in white and greeted all of the children, they were all so captivated by her. Everyone got the opportunity to have a professional photo taken with Ivy which was an additional cost, obviously I had to get one, although Lylie does look less than impressed bless her. 

I must say I was a bit disappointed with the photo backdrop, the whole way round there was beautiful floral displays, magical mushrooms and fairy dust sparkling and then the photo set up was just tree's and a metal beam. A one point there was even a chair entwined by wood and woven with roses, so I feel like more people would have invested in the photo if they had spent a bit more time making that more impressive.  

Saying that I would definitely go to a Nevendon Manor event again. Unfortunately the fairy walk was only for the bank holiday weekend however tickets are on sale now for the Santa walk so I am sure we will be giving that one a try come December. 

Do you believe in fairies?


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