Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Creating sensory play at home with Velinda

When venturing to soft play is suggested by my mum friends it sparks many emotions, and the majority of them are negative. It's funny how these places are always named things such as 'The Fun Factory' when there is basically nothing fun about it. Children crying all over the place. Mums ignoring them as best as they possibly can. Me trying to remain calm. It's a mess.

Thankfully you are now able to create a sensory play area affordably in your very own home, and what is the first thing you will need? A BALL PIT!! Yep I have a ball pit in my house... and I love it, possible more than Lylie. (Adult ball pits so need to be a thing because that stuff is comfy!)

The Velinda Soft Jersey Ball Pit is available via etsy for only £68.99. You will receive 300 balls in your choice of colours. I chose grey, white and pink. The colour of the balls really set these ball pits apart from the standard in your face bright colour selections you might have seen in the past. These ball pits are perfectly instagrammable in every way!

We spend at least a hour each day emptying all the balls out and then putting them back in, but hey whatever keeps her happy is a winner!!

You can pick up your own Velinda ball pit right HERE
I can see them being added to Christmas lists as we speak!!

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