Friday, 27 October 2017

Skin as smooth as silk with Simply Scrub

As a new mum (can I still call myself that with a one year old?) I am mainly running on empty. My skin is looking a little grey these days and needs much more help than it used to. Ahh my poor body who has been left shook after birthing my bundle... I have to treat the old girl from time to time.

 My time is limited but something I do try to remember is a good exfoliation as well as making your skin feel amazing it is also important for anti ageing and working on improving your circulation.
I especially like to concentrate on my problem area's such as my knee's, if you have ever crawled around after a toddler for 12 hours a day you will know the impact this activity has on your knees and it is not good. Fake tanning without prior exfoliation these days is a criminal offence.  Simply Scrub reached out to me and kindly sent me over some samples of all four of their luxurious organic body scrub's to try.  

The scrubs come in Coffee, Chocolate, Rose and Soursop. I had never heard of soursop before but this one is easily my favourite of the four. The fragrance transported me to a spa style experience with notes of refreshing tea tree beaming through. After a little research I found out that Soursop is a tropical plant which works wonders for skin conditions such as Eczema. Eczema is a big thing in my house, I am lucky not to suffer however my husband and daughter both endure it quite badly. Along with the Eczema my husband also is the proud owner of hyper sensitive skin, after a little patch test we discovered the Simply Scrub products were gentle enough for him try and a fortnight later we did see some difference in his more problematic areas. I will hold my hands up and say I am not sure exactly how many times in that fortnight he actually used the product and if you was to use it more frequently you may see more of a difference to your skin. 

The second on my love list was the coffee scrub, I am sure coffee runs through my veins at this point so why not rub it all over myself too? On first usage I thought the product seemed a little dry and hard to maneuver on the skin which I knew couldn't be right so after a little stir I awakened the oils and got things flowing nicely. There is a cocktail of oils used in the scrub to benefit your skin, coconut oil for hydration, grape seed to benefit your skins natural collagen which is where the anti ageing comes in and jojoba oil to dissolve acne causing sebum so if you are someone with acne prone back concerns this is going to be a big hit with you. 

Every ingredient is 100% Organic, natural and chemical free. Which is a big selling point in my house of sensitive souls. Simply Scrub is based in the US however they do have a huge UK following so make sure you pop a gift set on your Christmas list you will not regret it! 

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