Friday, 6 October 2017

Why 'you dress like a mum' is no longer an insult

I remember when someone mentioning that you dress 'like a mum' would insinuate that you looked frumpy, or boring even. I suppose when you are younger mum's always seem old, and honestly at thirty years of age and now a mother myself I still feel like an eighteen year old (only my hangovers last several days) 

Now I am a mum the way I dress has changed. 
I dress with confidence and at times with much more purpose. 

During the week I spend my time running.... running in and out of sensory classes, running away (quickly) from soft play centers and running errands. What I wear is the last thing on my mind, whatever I manage to pull on will be comfortable and perfectly suited to my day of mumming. I am 100% confident wearing slogan T Shirts telling the whole world how bloody tired I am, or unashamedly matching my 11 month old (because I think it's funny and no one can stop me) this week I have been rocking sparkly pumpkin socks so hard. 

I go on nights out a lot less frequently than I used to and therefore dressing for them is part of the fun. I am no longer worried if I don't fit in or look the part. Who knows when the next opportunity to wear leather trousers will arise! I actually try to pull outfits together that resemble what I've seen on fashion bloggers, how bold is that! I even wear COLOUR, something prechild me would never have had the confidence to do. 

I wish I dressed 'like a mum' before I was one, because clothes are more fun now. 

I am a brand ambassador for Lauren Dwyer, you can get 10% off with the code PAGE10 I am always getting complimented on my slogan tops, and I have so much fun with the mum fashion. 

Did the way you dress change after becoming a mum? 


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