Friday, 6 April 2018

Lylie's best toddler tantrums

With my daughter at 18 months old I thought I had a little while until the terrible twos started in my house, but apparently not. It seems that as soon as they can walk they start the whole 'strop flop' to the floor. This behavior is an expression of frustration, they are unable to use their words to explain to you what the problem is and you are unable to reason with them. 

There are many idea's on how to prevent tantrums or what to do during a tantrum. 
Laughing is definitely not advisable. 
However, when your toddler is throwing a tantrum for some of the most random reasons you are a better human than me if you manage not to crack a smile. 

Just for some Friday fun here are a few of Lylie's that I have particularly enjoyed... 

  1. I wouldn't let her eat DOG FOOD
  2. I wouldn't let her use my dad's Catheter pot as a horn.
  3. I wouldn't let her sit on my lap while I did a poo.
  4. I wouldn't let her climb inside the washing machine.
  5. She had to have her nappy changed .... but this one is a bit more serious because it happens continuously throughout the day. Please let me know how I stop her from fighting me, she's so strong. 
If your baby is at that tantrum throwing stage then let me know in the comments what are some of your best ones to date! Share the love :) 


  1. She's so adorable though!! Hahaha the dog food one. And I never left my mum alone when I was little, so when she went to the toilet, I used to kick off as well ha! Guilty x

    1. Ahh thanks lovely!! She does the toilet one at least once a week xx


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