Wednesday, 2 May 2018

How to take 'Instagrammable' photos of Toddlers

Instagram is my favourite social platform (even with the stupid algorithm) I love seeing how people express themselves through images. I would say I am quite a visual person even though I am not very artistic, Instagram is available for everyone to be creative in their own little way. 
I've always struggled with being in the photos for my blog, difficult when you are writing lifestyle piece I know, so when my daughter was born and I made the easy transition into parenting blogger I finally had my subject. Although I am in some of the photos, mostly I am behind the camera snapping away, which is my preferred location. 

I've had lots of new followers on Instagram (FOLLOW ME HERE) since I've been styling photos of Lylie, and lots of lovely comments from friends saying they really enjoy the images I've taken of her which is extremely flattering. However, the phrase 'don't work with children and animals' still very much stands. When your model is only 18 months old photo shoots can be a challenge, it can be so frustrating when you have this angelic vision of how a photo is supposed to look and your kid won't stop sticking their hands in their mouth!! 

So here are some tips I've picked up on how to get great Instagrammable photos of the toddlers, while hopefully having fun!! 
  1. Have a Vision Then Forget It - You will get so frustrated if you are so set on capturing a certain image because it is unlikely that your toddler is going to pose exactly how you want them to. Have an idea of what you want the finished image to look like but be open to their interpretation. Nine times out of ten even if I do get the shot I was hoping for I end up posting a completely different one that looks more natural and candid.
  2. Have Props – It is always a good idea to have props on hand. A tambourine you can shake above your head so they will look in your direction or a doll they can hold so they don’t do a runner.
  3. Be REALLY REALLY Excited – It can be difficult when they are just not co-operating but if you are having a great time they will feed off of your energy and also really enjoy it. I always try to make photo shoots a bit game with lots of laughing and running and playing in the meantime while I try to get my desired image. If we are not both enjoying the process I always call it a day and try again another time.

  1. Use Multi-Shot – Although you will end up with 800000000 of the same image. When you go through everything you took you are sure to find some secret smiles you didn’t even know you had managed to capture.
  2. Be Ready - As soon as your toddler walks into the photo set up start snapping. You will probably only get around 5 - 10 minutes before you have lost their attention and the whole ordeal becomes boring. Usually the best shot is in the first couple of shots.
  3. Teach Them a Trick - OK I know this sounds a little mean. But recently Lylie has learnt that 'bum against the wall' means to stand in front of the wall, she is always so pleased with herself when she does it and it's the perfect pose for an outfit shot.
  4. Don't Be Afraid To Edit - Sometimes when I look through what I've taken I will think oh I wish I had put something else in the shot. So instead of completely restarting I will just take a photo without the toddler and then merge the two images.

Smoke and Mirrors see!! 

Hopefully some of these tips might have been of interest to you. Make sure you leave your Instagram handles below so we can connect! 

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