Monday, 20 July 2015

Banishing the Male Gift Headache

I know that Father's Day has swept by for this year but Dad's are growing old (sorry, Dad) and celebrating birthdays every day of the year and is it just me or are they incredibly hard to buy for?! Socks just don't cut it anymore. Did they ever?

My lovely Father is hitting a big milestone this year and my Mum, brother and I have been racking our brains for a good 9 months trying to conjure up a present for him. He is notoriously difficult to buy for as whatever he likes he purchases himself before we get the chance to and he is too fussy for us pick out anything we like for him. As I've grown up and realised he doesn't necessarily want chocolates and lemon sherbets (his ultimate favourites) for every celebration I've turned to experience gifts instead. I've found and been recommended a number of ideas that I thought might lend well to others out there struggling with an equally particular male in their life. 

Cue the ideas that could save present buying headaches. 

Rick Stein Cookery Course
Located in idyllic Padstow on the north coast of Cornwall,  Rick Stein's Cookery School offers a range of classes from fish to Indian cuisines for the novices or even the skilled cooks out there. My dad is the chef in our house and although he is already rather talented, rustling up new recipes every week, he is also an avid viewer of cookery programmes from Saturday Kitchen to the Great British Bake Off (somebody please let me know when this is back - serious Hollywood and Berry withdrawal symptoms!) taking notes and ideas to use himself. For years Rick Stein has been a firm favourite so for us this was the perfect gift choice.

Ranging from half a day at £98 to a full day course at £200. This would suit anyone who is a foodie and keen to flourish and improve in the kitchen. Plus a perfect excuse for a weekend in Cornwall!

A Swish Meal
Alternatively, for those who can't stand the heat and want to get out of the kitchen, a nice meal is probably the favourable choice.  As my dad is a bit of a food and wine lover, we are taking him somewhere he has sneakily mentioned to us before. There are some great restaurants all over the country but if you want somewhere impressive, I would recommend somewhere in London with a view of the city.

One of the most popular restaurants of the moment, The Shard has a restaurant on the 31st floor, Aqua Shard which is famed for it's vertigo inducing menu and is the perfect place to treat someone special. Duck and Waffle is one of those restaurants that you have to experience and without doubt order the duck and waffle. You can also book a table for breakfast and watch the sun rise from the 40th floor of the Heron Tower. If you're an early riser that is...


Boutique Camping
If the male in your life is an outdoorsy type then Canopy & Stars is definitely worth a look. From treehouses to yurts on offer, this could be a welcome change from the usual muddy and claustrophobic tent. Canopy & Stars offers a range of glamping ideas. For a sweet romantic getaway or a weekend with friends this is a unique opportunity to be at one with nature. They are located all over the country depending on where the mood takes you and you can buy a gift card and let the recipient choose (probably a good idea as there is so much choice!)


Helicopter Flight Over London
This is on a lot of people's bucket lists and I think for a special occasion this would be a really impressive and thoughtful present. The London Helicopter Company offers a range of different flight packages depending on your budget and ideal location. Of course this doesn't have to be in London but a bird's eye view of the capital city would be a brilliant way of seeing the famous landmarks whilst following the River Thames.

I hope this has helped if you needed smidgen of inspiration for a different and novel gift idea. These of course aren't male specific but as they tend to be the trickier people to buy for these might be good alternatives to the usual presents that spring to mind.

Alex xx


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