Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Shop of the Moment #1 Oliver Bonas

I tend to go through phases with different types of shops. When I was younger I used to love nothing better than browsing (and whining my way) around Claire's Accessories. Then I moved on to H&M Kids where I could just about afford a new t shirt or 'cool' new Hello Kitty coin purse that I desperately needed at the time. 

My teenage years came along and my love affair with Topshop began. But sadly it was normally only a window browse through lack of money until I started my first Saturday job and even then I would be asking the bank of Mum and Dad for a loan on a pair of skinny jeans and a pretty, but over priced, Peter Pan collar blouse. 
Fast forward 6 or 7 years and I'm apparently now obsessed with small boutique homeware shops and in particular Oliver Bonas. Most people love interior shopping when they start renting or buy their first home. But for me, it's more about exploring the options for when I do eventually save up enough for my own home. My ASOS basket is going to have to be put on the back burner for this to actually materialise.
Not only do Oliver Bonas sell everything you would need to deck out your kitchen and dining area but they also have books, photo frames, bags & purses and beautiful throws. Basically the ideal place to buy anyone you love a present.

Now the problem is, not only is their kitchenware a joy to look at so are their clothes and in particular their dresses. They are all in the most beautiful prints but at nearly £60 a go the are the type of item that have to wait until pay day. I would definitely recommend looking online at their collection, especially for summer parties and BBQs. Even better if you happen to have one of their shops near you (this can be a hindrance, depending on how you view it...)


Working round the corner from Oliver Bonas means I walk by everyday and once in a blue moon (or rather every other day) I pop in for a browse. I had my peepers on a particular dress for weeks, the Amelie City Print Dress and I finally bit the bullet and bought it after going into a frenzied panic that only one was left in my size. It is a sweet little skater dress in a fabric with different famous landscapes all over it. I thought it would be the perfect little summer dress for days out in London and for my holiday to Corfu in a few short weeks (OOTD to follow)

On another visit I spotted some copper initials and for once the letter 'A' was available. Of course I had to snatch this up before it disappeared too! You have to work quickly in this shops it seems. Initialled items have been popular for years and now the cooper trend is well and truly stuck I just couldn't leave it on the shelf. Plus, I bought Gemma a 'G' for her birthday so watch out for that featuring in the back of a video soon.

I have mentally placed half of their shop in my future house and I'm going to be honest, it looks wonderful.

Have you been pulled into the Oliver Bonas obsession? Where do you like to shop for homeware nic-nacs?

Alex x

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