Thursday, 23 July 2015

Could you survive without fashion?

This week I have spent my time in the West Country. Devon is one of (if not my) favourite places I have had the pleasure of visiting in the world.. so far. However after seven Wifi-less days I have been left wondering could I survive without fashion? 
As a blogger/new YouTuber and even in my real life as an event planner I spend countless hours on social media. What are the up and coming trends? Who is wearing what? It’s day to day excitement. I am honestly interested in what translucent powder you think is your die or ride but do the girls running these surf schools in devon give a flying F? 

On a raining Tuesday afternoon myself, several country folk and about 15 dogs spent a couple of hours sheltering from the drizzle, eating ploughman's and drinking cider in the local public house. While topping up my Kate for Rimmel 110 in the bathroom a lady wearing a beautiful tie dye maxi skirt, a crochet top, massive hoodie stating that she loved the ‘Wave Life’ and crocs asked me what perfume I was wearing. “Oh its Pomegranate Noir” I replied and was met with a blank stare … “Jo Malone” I tried … Nope nothing. Jo Malone isn’t a 'someone' in the West Country. This same question in Essex would have been a totally different tale. Does it mean that living in this remote area means an isolated existence? Or is it just the case that different things are important. 

I have spent the week plating my hair, wearing tie dye kimono dresses and indulging myself in sun kissed festival chic. I have even sat here this evening looking for lilac wavy hair styles fully committed in the decision that leather bracelets and wild flowers are my new loves. Can I see myself packing up the car and moving to Devon without ever looking back? Absolutely. Would I stop searching the new in pages on ASOS? Not a chance. There is only one pub in this village but I would be damn sure to be the most trendy punter in there. 

Honestly when you see the sunsetting on the sea you will be crazy not to put your phone down, stop looking at the Public Desire insta account and the latest lace up heels and be in the moment. 

Well I will let you decide.. 


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