Thursday, 30 July 2015

Vitamin E Spray by the Body Shop – Review

Quite soon after discovering youTube I stumbled across Victoria from, this is really where my youTube obsession began and how myself and Alex got talking about making our own channel.

Everything about Victoria’s videos are so beautiful and I often find myself (trying) to recreate her makeup looks. One of the products which I have picked up solely on her recommendation is the Vitamin E Spray by the body shop.

If you have ever watched any of Victoria’s videos (if not go watch them NOW, ok finish reading this first then go) you will see her use the Vitamin E spray to spritz her beauty blender when applying her base, I had been hearing lots of other youTubers also saying you must dampen your blenders as it creates a much more natural look and I already use my eye brushes wet the majority of the time so I thought this is something I needed to try.

I was hoping that this wasn't just an unnecessary extravagance and that it really did something extra to just using water and I have been amazed at the results. Firstly the smell of the product is so fresh and it straight away took me back to my beauty college days mixing up my own masks using rose water, yay I was 16 again. The longevity of my makeup has been increased dramatically by spritzing my brushes, the pigments in my eyeshadows are brighter, the glitter is held in place much longer and my base has a healthy dewy finish.

One of the functions of this product is to give your face a refreshing spritz during the day over your make up, I have tried this and I wasn't a fan, it didn't mess up my make up at all but being sprayed in the face (and yes I held the bottle far enough away) was less than refreshing. So I will not be doing that again.

The price of this product is £9.50 and I am not sure how long it will last but for now at least I am definitely planning on repurchasing. 

If you want to watch Victoria doing her make-up below is one of my favourite GRWM's from inthefrow: 


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