Thursday, 2 July 2015

Has that girl ever washed her face? #youlookdisgusting

Last night during one of my massive sessions consisting of hours of scrolling youtube stumbling across some weird and wonderful videos I got direct to My Pale Skin. Em Ford makes stunning makeup tutorials and various other beauty inspired videos so her channel is right up my street. However, the video Em posted on the 1st July was different. As with all makeup tutorials on youtube you get to see a before and after photo, Em has been suffering with Acne and has made a video of actual real life comments she has received from people judging her on her bare face. 
I was mesmerised for 3 minutes and when the video ended I felt compelled to write about what I had just witnessed. 
There is couple of things that came up for me:
  1. Any one who puts themselves out there faults and all should be commended. This is a scary thing to do regardless of whether your skin is clear or not. 
  2. You will not make yourself better by breaking someone else. It is clear that Em is a confident beautiful woman, but I am sure that reading all this negativity would waver even Kendall Jenner’s confidence. When did we stop following the saying “if you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all” ? 
  3. Why is there this stigma around acne that people who suffer from it are unhygienic. The words "Has that girl ever washed her face” turned my stomach. I have suffered with adult acne over the last couple of years, it is something in my genes. My stress comes out all angry and red on my face so I can’t hide it. When I am going through an acne time I feel ashamed of myself for something which is completed out of my control. I feel the need to bring it up before other people do, make jokes about it to cover how low it is truly making me feel and discuss what products I use unprompted, this is because I don’t want people to think I don’t wash my face I never realised why I did this until watching this video. 

If you haven’t watched the video I have left it below so please take a couple of minutes to put yourself in an acne suffers shoes. It is so hard to have your flaws right where everyone is looking... your face! Be Kind ALWAYS! 


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