Monday, 17 August 2015

Last Minute Packing

There are two types of people in life, Penelope Planners and Last Minute Millies. I, unfortunately am the latter as brought to my attention by Gemma when I still wasn't packed at 11pm for my flight the following morning.

There's just something instilled in me to leave everything to the last possible moment. I'll find everything and anything to distract me from the task at hand. It could be something to do with laziness but either way this doesn't bode well for my somewhat anxious nature. Erm, logic? 

The morning of a flight usually consists of panicked calls across the house 'passport... Boarding passes... Money... Passport.... Got everything?'. If I was slightly more organised there wouldn't be a frenzied search in my over spacious hand luggage bag of choice for my passport.

Luckily for me I didn't forget anything and remembered all the essentials for my in flight bag. Here's what I always pack (if I have enough time amongst the procrastination that is...)

Books and magazine - Time always flies with a good book and if there's an annoying passenger next to you on the plane then flicking through pages of clothes and easy to read articles in a magazine is perfect.

iPad - Download a film or programme before the flight and block out anyone else around you

Hairbrush - Napping, nervously pulling at hair when hearing a strange and unfamiliar noise on the plane and tying hair up when the air con goes haywire calls for a swift brush through the hair upon landing 

Paracetamol - Sometimes the early morning and lack of comfortable sleep on the plane can mean a brief headache. I pack these just in case

Money - I always carry valuables on the flight incase for some reason my suitcase doesn't arrive and I'm left stranded. Also, if there wasn't enough time before boarding to nip to WHSmith to buy a bottle of water and some cherry drops then there's always the in flight trolley!



What else do you make sure you take with you in your hand luggage? I'm sure in missing some vital bits that I could include on my next trip!

Alex xx


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