Sunday, 2 August 2015

Tough Mudder Monday

If you haven't previously heard of 'Tough Mudder', here is a brief description to enlighten your mudless minds - 'A series of hard core 10-12 mile obstacle race'. When I initially heard the words 'Tough Mudder' and read a bit more into it my head screamed 'not on your nelly!' but alas in 54 days I will be completing this with my work team.


After the first stage of panic I decided enough was enough and started to get my fitness levels up again. I rejoined Virgin Active and started jogging again at weekends. I quickly realised that endurance would be key to get me through the 12 mile run, muddy hills and climbing walls. (Not forgetting the electrocution obstacle. I mean really?!) I used to be a keen runner but now it's a very different story. However I have managed to go from 3k to 5k and I'm pretty happy with that.
YouTube has helped with toning up as I can set up my iPad in my room and complete exercises involving squats, lunges and weight work at my own pace. I could of course complete this in the gym with all the equipment I could ever need but right now I am still a little self conscious at my total lack of core strength so my room, iPad and workout tunes are getting me through.
Popsugar Fitness is a great channel with every workout you could ever need to get your body in shape.

Fitness Blender is another at home workout channel. It takes you through step by step how to correctly work different aspects of the body. Perfect for beginners like me.
Now the upside to all of this is that I had to purchase some new gym gear. Obviously.  I actually think that buying fitness clothes that you look and feel good in really does help when you're new to working out. I prefer to do exercise in long leggings or shorts and a breathable tshirt. TKMaxx is great, they have racks and racks of different brands like Ellesse, Elle Sports and other big names for a fraction of the original price. I have also been surprised to find good quality work out clothes from Tesco and Sainsburys which is where I picked up a few bits when I started to get back into fitness. Definitely worth a look.

I'll do another update closer to D-Day (if there's any progress that is!). In a strange way I'm looking forward to it and it's made me get up and do some more exercise which can only be a good thing. At the moment I'm 90% terrified, 8% curious and 2% excited.

Gulp. Wish me luck!

Love, Alex x

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