Sunday, 4 October 2015

Baking Mad!

Thanks to The Great British Bake Off and the wonderful Mary Berry I now enjoy all things baking. Mainly the watching and eating part I've got to be honest, the cooking part is still growing on me. When my mum asked me if I wanted to go with her to the Cake and Bake Show at the Excel centre I couldn't say no.

Sadly Berry was nowhere in sight but there were stands and stalls a plenty with cakes, doughnuts, scones, baking equipment and afternoon tea companies. Anything and everything baking related was there. There was a stage with live cooking demonstrations although if you were further than 5 rows from the front it was tricky to see or hear anything that was going on which was a shame.

I had heard of the Meringue Girls prior to this little baking adventure, however I had never been lucky enough to try any of their products. Their mini ombré meringues come in every flavour imaginable. They are so sweet and dinky but at £5 for 9 they aren't exactly meringue on a budget. You can't deny that they look beautiful though. 

My personal purchase highlight was the chorizo and pesto scone from 'All'Scone' Bakery. I kept getting wafts of its buttery chorizo goodness on the train home and couldn't waited to try some toasted with a little dollop of cream cheese. Delicious!

One stage that was busy all day, and for good reason, was the Bake Off Live stage. A few familiar faces from the series popped up throughout the day to demonstrate a live bake which was good fun.

This was a fun day out and something different to do with my mum. It has inspired me to do more cookery and hopefully next year I'll be going back and purchasing more equipment rather than baked goods. Hmm perhaps not.

Alex xx



  1. The mini meringues look gorge - I know a few people that went to the show too and had such a fun time :) x

    1. Ah I know they are soo cute! Such a great day out.
      Thanks so much for reading :)


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