Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Is it weird to give your bag a name?

Meet Mabel

I have wanted a Mulberry bag for longer than I remember, I don't recall the exact point in which the love story started but it has been a long standing one. Obviously investing in a 'Mulbs' isn't a decision you take lightly, you are making a commitment, you need to be sure you have picked the correct partner. A bag who is going to fulfil your every need - thats where Mabel comes in! 

If there was a colour more universal than Black it would be oxblood. Oxblood is a colour match made in heaven, it looks stunning next to black, brown or navy. Mabel makes every outfit complete (I may have gone slightly off the dial here) 

So I have invested in a Lily which is the perfect size for a day to night bag, you can fit in all of your essentials without the bag being too bulking looking. The strap is versatile it can be worn either long or short and lets not even get started on the gold detailing because it is perfection. 

I think Mabel and I are going to be very happy together. 

If you don't want to spend the cash there are some really good alternatives available, this little beauty below (yet to be named) from ASOS is only £16. 


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