Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Makeup Geek Foiled Eyeshadows

A game changer

Favourites: Grandstand, Magic Act, Flame Thrower & In The Spotlight

I first laid eyes on these beautiful shadows upon the exquisite eyelids of my friend Alice. She is so beautiful everything she wears always takes your breath away so when I placed my order I wasn't sure what to expect, would they be as stunning on a mere mortal? 

The verdict is they are worth every penny, soft, long lasting and beautiful. The pigmentation is like no other eyeshadow on the market.. or at least that I have tried. Granted not all of these colours are too wearable for everyday, but some I have totally worn to the office. 

Definitely my favourite makeup product of 2015 ... so far. 

1. Houdini 2. Jester 3. In The Spotlight 4. Magic Act 5. Whimsical 6. Grandstand 7. Flame Thrower 8. Untamed 9. Mesmerized


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