Thursday, 28 January 2016

A Unique Mother's Day Gift

Coming up with an innovate idea for Mother's Day can be tough, you've done the usual Flowers, Chocolates or Beauty Hamper right? What about a beauty book for 'real' people, surely perfect for every beauty obsessed mum!! 

Unlike most coffee tables books you will find Pretty Honest by Sali Hughes refreshingly has more words than pictures. Don't get me wrong I thoroughly enjoy flicking through the glossy pages and WOWing over seemingly unachieveable makeup looks but there is very little substance that makes me come back for a second or even a third look. Whether you are a lover of Sali's columns in The Guardian or you have never heard of her before in your life you are bound to enjoy her entertaining and dare I say it 'real' writing style. Beauty needn't be pretentious, and by now I am sure our mothers have realised that life isn't always ideal. This book tells it how it is as well as being full of look ideas, product recommendations and such like. Will you have a difference in opinion to Sali? yes maybe. But even if you do not stand in agreement will every statement made (toner definitely does do something) you will still thoroughly enjoy having this book to hand.

And if your mum isn't a have books on the table kinda gal, why not treat her to a Kindle. Your mum will be able to easily purchase Pretty Honest or any other books she will enjoy easily with an Amazon gift card!

If you want a light hearted different present to treat your beauty obsessed mum with this is one to add to your basket. 

**Paperback will be released on the 25th February so just in time**

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  1. I love that book! It's such a good read! I think I read it cover to cover in one sitting when I first brought it. Never thought of buying my mum a copy though so I might actually do that! Great post as always lovely :)
    Emily xx

    1. Thanks Emily, Glad you thought it was a good idea! Mwah xx

  2. I really want to buy a kindle or a nook! Not sure which one! But these are great ideas! xo

    McKenzie |

    1. I don't know what a nook is, but my kindle is such a goo idea! Especially for holidays! X


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