Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Saturday Night - Red Dog Saloon & The Maccabees

Me and my husband bloody love a gig, it's not often we go 'out out' together but when our favourites bands are playing we really let our hair down. On Saturday The Maccabees played at Brixton Academy (which due to the slanted floor is in my opinion one of the best music venues in London) 

Obviously first it is important to line your stomach...  

Red Dog Saloon is a BBQ restaurant, there are three in London Hoxton, Clapham & Soho, this is American dining at its best. You don't want to visit here if you are on a clean eating diet because there is very little clean about it.  If you haven't heard much about the menu you may have heard about their legendary hot wing challenge. We was lucky enough to witness this live when the guy on the next table decided to take it on, he quickly regretted his decision after only managing to eat one and then having to down a pint of milk - I wouldn't recommend it. 

The burger I opted for was a Gooey Louie, unlike anything I have ever tried before this burger actually contained mozzarella sticks. It was amazing, probably up there in my top three burgers... and I've eaten a lot of burgers!!  

After dinner we wandered down to the Drift bar in Heron Tower for a Bellini or three before getting the tube to Brixton ready for the gig. 

I have to be honest after a couple of drinks too many it all gets a little bit blurry, but The Maccabees never fail to disappoint. 

Have you got any gigs lined up? Which bands are amazing live? 

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  1. That gooey louie looks amazing!! Sounds like you had a great night the pair of you :) i don't really know a lot about bands to be honest so can't comment as to whom my favourite would be. Great post Gem!

    Love Hannah xx



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