Monday, 31 October 2016

10 things I have loved about being pregnant

Ok, so I had a little moan about horrible pregnancy symptoms but it really isn't all doom and gloom. I have absolutely loved some parts of being pregnant, here are my favourites:

  1. Eating ALL The Food - Ok eating for two is a myth and the average pregnant woman should really only eat an extra 200 calories per day and this doesn't even need to start until the second trimester. However, you finally don't need to watch your waistline so if you really want that dessert you should damn well eat it. This summer I have also really enjoyed wearing figure hugging midi dresses without having to worry about sucking in ... there is no sucking in this bump!
  2. Nesting - Decorating our baby girls nursery has been one of the most satisfying tasks. (Mainly I just delegated to my husband so I can't say it was much effort on my part.) Having it all ready to go with all her little clothes on hangers is so calming, I often find myself in there just sitting on the floor. I think it is probably a good thing for bonding too having the nursery all arranged.
  3. NCT Classes - We signed up to five sessions with The National Childbirth Trust. As well as learning more about labour and what you do when you actually bring the baby home we also met some other expectant parents. The girls in the couples set up a little whatsapp group and we have been keeping each other up to date and sharing tips which has been lovely.
  4. People Are Nice - Well you are doing your part to repopulate the planet after all! Answering the same questions twenty times a day will start to get a tad tedious towards the end. "When's your due date?" "Do you know what you are having?" "Have you picked a name yet?" "Is it your first?" But sometimes you will get given the last cookie because you are pregnant, or people will let you sit down on the train. It's like being a little bit famous!
  5. Thick Healthy Hair - The double chin is a pregnancy side effect I hope doesn't stick around for too long but the thick healthy hair can most definitely stay. I have heard that your hair can fall out after the pregnancy so I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed that I skip this step, I have never loved my hair more.
  6. Baby Movements - Feeling your baby twist about is one of the best things about pregnancy. Especially when baby reaches a stage where your partner can also join in, it is such a lovely bonding experience for the three of you. My placenta is anterior, which means it is situated at the front wall of my womb so we had to wait a little bit longer to start really feeling her move about but it was worth the wait.
  7. Imagining The Possibilities - At this point I have started to give my baby her own personality. Imagining that she would like dancing just like me, and that her and my Shih Tzu will turn into the most adorable double act you have ever laid eyes on. Myself and my husband often ask each other questions like "What instrument would you want her to learn?" What could be is very exciting.
  8. Not Having To Hint - Usually if you need a back massage you have to hint to hubby until finally six weeks later he may actually cotton on. When you are pregnant it is basically his job to give you all the back rubs so you can actually ask for them now, and let's face it he can't really say no can he?
  9. Relax - You must relax, it is important that you take it easy. You need all the naps and can not feel guilty about it. This isn't you milking it at all when you are pregnant your heart rate increases, your blood volume increases as does your weight. There is additional stress on your ligaments and bones. The bath is one place that I can feel almost back to normal, so I have been enjoying long bubble baths more and more.
  10. The Anticipation - Especially now I am coming towards the end of my pregnancy and can finally see an end in sight. All the excitement is like every Birthday and Christmas rolled into one. There isn't time to be nervous about anything I am far too busy being super over the top excited!!



  1. Congratulations lovely. You must be really excited for your little girl to arrive. Will look forward to your post pregnancy posts as well.

    EL xx

  2. This is a lovely post Gemma! It makes me so broody, I can't wait until I'm nesting and having back rubs!

  3. This is such a beautiful post. As someone who hasn't thought much about having children this has opened my eyes to how amazing pregnancy actually is! You're going to be an amazing mum, Gemma! Xx

  4. Aah, this is such a lovely positive post! There are so many negative posts about pregnancy out there (and I totally understand them too) but it's lovely to read about the happier things. I'm certainly enjoying eating for two and feeling kicks, plus I've got NCT classes coming up too, should be fun! :)

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches Travel & Lifestyle Blog


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